It is very clear that hackers are becoming more and more relevant as technology continues to play a larger factor in our daily lives. Not only do Ransomware virus’ affect your personal PC but it can affect at your home and work too. Throughout this content we will try to explain a little bit about when Ransomware started, what it is, how you can prevent it and how to get rid of it. I will warn you though this virus isn’t for the faint of heart and is spreading very quickly across many computers.

So lets get into what Ransomware is. Let me paint you a picture. Lets say this morning you go to open your computer and you type in the regular start reading the local newspaper online, and then poof before the page even loads a strange set of text or images appear. You start reading the text and your thinking uh oh, someone got a hold of all my data and files. Panic sets in and you do not have time to deal with your computer going down with your busy life.

locky sets

You think to yourself, are my teenage kids playing a joke on me? You then continue reading and discover this is no joke, you try to hit escape in panic but nothing happens. The text states that all of the data on your computer is hijacked and you will not get it back unless you pay up. Its asking for payment in Bitcoin (which many of you know is a digital currency that isn’t traceable).

Do You Need To Pay The Fee?

The question of having to pay the fee to get your files back to their original state is obviously many have. The cyber hacking industry is a multi million dollar industry The hackers make their money by users paying these fees, which the majority of the time they do not actually fix the issue.

locky fee

To answer the question in short, no you do not have to pay the fee they are asking for. But if you are not tech savvy you may have some issues getting things restored to their original state. Lets put it this way, if it happens to your grandma or mine they probably aren’t going to be able to fix it.

If you take it to a computer repair shop you are sure to get it fixed and typically they have a warranty on the fixes they have done for you. In the next section, I would like to explain a little bit about what Ransomware, what .Locky Ransomware is and how you can fix your computer on your own.

What Is Ransomware and What Is The Locky Ransomware Virus?

Basically it is a malicious code that is created by hackers that snatches all of your data by encapsulating it in an unbreakable encryption that may cost you hundreds even thousands to have it removed. Ransomwares first known case on a computerized system began in 1989, called “Aids” Trojan, aka PC Cyborg. After leaving for over a decade it returned back in 2006 and every year after that it seems that it is becoming and increasingly inherent problem.

locky ransomware

Lets fast forward to 2016. The newest strain of ransomeware in the industry is called Locky. It gets this name because it renames all your important files with a 32 character sequence of gibberish and the extension .locky. To make matters worse users then see a pop up recommending “paneaca” which claims to restore all your files for a fee. Do not do this. The pop up will look like something below:


The majority infected users currently reside in Germany, however it is spreading like wild fire and more then likely will soon be affecting your area as well.

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How To Avoid and Get Rid Of Locky Ransomware?

The majority of PC users at some point in time have experienced some sort of Ransomeware. It is difficult to avoid if you are careless when surfing the net, however if you are careful and don’t click on random pop ups and read things before selecting ok it will help avoid getting Ransomware issues. The fact of the matter, is that there is currently a way to fix the .locky Ransomeware. Methods may change from time to time as hackers continuously work on their code to make it more difficult to decode.

Here are a few tips to avoid getting infected by the virus:

  • Backup all your data continuously on an external hard drive.
  • Avoid opening emails from people you do not know or associated with.
  • Do not click on links in emails if you do not know where it will take you.
  • Keep your software and security up to date
  • Keep a ransomware software on hand to combat any issues that may arise

Although it is pretty much impossible to complete avoid any virus’s if you take they precautions you are less likely to get such a virus. Below if you follow the link it will teach you how to remove locky ransomware virus on your own.

How To Remove .Locky Ransomware Virus

If you go to MySpyBot Website and follow their instructions it should be sufficient for removing the locky Ransomware.

Remove Locky Ransomware Virus

You can now relax as your computer is free of the ransomware.


Unfortunately, Ransomware has been around from the beginning of computer systems. Over the years, it has become increasingly more apparent in the tech industry. As the tech industry continues to grow and the “Interent of Things” becomes more and more apart of our daily lives, it will be important for security to be tight on these items including driverless cars, in home convenience appliances and wearable technologies. As the tech industry continues to change, cyber hackers continually come up with new ways to instill fear on users. In the next few years I would expect to see some large emerging cyber security companies.