Before we delve into the intricacies of MEAN and MERN, we first need to get an idea of the 5 essential elements that create them both. They are:

• MongoDB is a NoSQL class-platform, document-oriented database program. It is used by your back-end applications for data storage in the form of JavaScript Object Notation documents.
• Express or Express.js is a free and open source software. It is a web application framework for Node.js and is usually seen as the de facto framework for Node.js.
• Angular is an open source web application framework developed by Google. It can be called a complete rewrite of the same team that created AngularJS.
• Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment that allows you to implement your application back-end in JavaScript.
• React or React.js is a JavaScript front-end library developed by Facebook, for building user interfaces.

What is MEAN?


MEAN is an abbreviation that stands for the four technologies that created it; MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node.js. There are many complex websites and web applications (both progressive and responsive). It is one of the fastest growing open source development framework to reduce time on the management of the system. It also allows for the quicker development of websites, web applications, and APIs.

What are the Benefits of MEAN ?

• Thanks to MEAN, it has become easy to switch between client and server. This makes MEAN both fast and simple for developers since they have to write their codes in JavaScript. A JavaScript expert can manage the entire project with the MEAN stack. With the help of Node.js, a developer can launch applications on the server without deploying it to a stand-alone server.
• Transferring the code that is written in a particular framework to another becomes easier with MEAN stack. This makes MEAN stack an amazing form of technology. MEAN stack development companies are considering plenty of technologies to boost the potential of web development and application projects.
• MEAN is flexible, and it allows you to test an application on cloud platform easily after a successful ending of a development process. Applications can be easily developed and tested, along with being introduced on the cloud. It also permits you to add more information by adding the field to your form.
• MEAN stack proves to be cost-efficient. This is because developing applications with MEAN stack requires proficient JavaScript experts. Compared to that, LAMP stack needs developers who are able to code in MySQL, PHP, and also JavaScript. Less number of developers are required to develop apps using MEAN stack, the cost invested to hire the number of developers will also go down. This is how MEAN is cost-efficient.
• All the MEAN stack technologies do not cost a dime and are open source. It assists the development process using repositories and libraries and lowers the development cost.

What is MERN?


MERN is a combination of technologies used to create web applications. Like MEAN stack, MERN also has four components that breaths it into life; MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js. All the four allows an end-to-end framework for developers to work in. Web applications can be developed using a vast array of choices in technologies. It is used for the smooth flow of the developmental process and is a JavaScript stack.

What are the Benefits of MERN ?

• The basic building block of React is a component that maintains its own state and renders itself. It is usually used to build components which you put together to make another component that depicts a complete view. A component encapsulates the state of data, the view, and how it is rendered. By splitting it into components and focusing on one thing at a time, it makes writing and reasoning about the entire application easier. Components communicate with each other by sharing state information in the form of read-only properties to their child components and by callbacks to their parent components.
• Since React can run on servers, it is incredibly isomorphic which means the same code can on both the browser as well the server. This is great news as it allows you to create pages on the server whenever the occasion calls for it.
• Like MEAN, all the MERN stack technologies are free and open source. Also, there is a community of developers and experts who are there to help out anyone who is stuck on a problem.
• From front-end development which is the client side to the back-end developer which is the server side, MERN covers the full development cycle.
• MERN supports the Model View Controller or MVC architecture that makes the development process flows smoothly.
• MERN carried a pre-built extensive suite of testing tools.
• React is not a framework but a library. This a good thing because a framework seems to be highly opinionated and has a set way of doing things. A Framework is inclined towards asking you to fill in the variations of what it thinks needs to be done. A library, however, gives you the tools to build your own application. With a library, an experienced architect can design his or her application with complete freedom to pick and choose from the library’s functions.



MEAN has been in the market for a longer time compared to MERN. Both have their share of benefits which they provide to their users. However, MERN is a slowly gaining popularity and many people are choosing to learn about MERN over MEAN. Learning MERN stack helps you to create social media websites, CMS, analytic tools, Casual browser games, API driver web solutions, e-commerce websites and a lot more. If you feel that an amazing technology like MERN should be accessible to everyone, you help us create this a revolutionary state-of-the-art E-Degree. With experts from around the world, this project will make you master MERN with ease and as well as make you proficient with numerous labs, quizzes, live projects and so much more. There are six courses in E-Degree that includes Node NPM and Express for beginners, React from the ground up, MongoDB for beginners, Webpack for beginners, Advance MERN, and Projects in MERN. Support our campaign on Kickstarter and help us bring this impressive E-Degree to life!