Those who have tried to go on the path of software engineers, know that the struggle of getting your idea into a user friendly & eye catching design can be very difficult. But the more labor intensive part is devising mock ups to have your clients approve of after gathering their software requirements and putting together the pieces. This is indeed a very fascinating task but can be bit hard if you don’t have the right designing tools to get the job done. Designer do have the required skills to provide good design on the guidelines provided but hardly any of them have the skills to inculcate the features & functionalities in a user friendly manner. That’s why you have User Interface UI & User Experience UX design professionals, now they don’t come cheap primarily because their input is very crucial in getting the designs approved & in the very success of your software. If users don’t get how your product works, then it doesn’t take a genius to tell that your product will fail.

Now how does one determine that your design is impressive & it will instantly give the users of that software the idea how to use it to get the job done? This involves color blending, ergonomics, psychology, color psychology & plenty of other aspects directly linked to human cognitive abilities. Sounds awful lot and you must be wondering “Is there an app for that” oh yeah there is! MockPlus…! It makes the job so easy that you don’t have to rely on the designer or UI UX expert, if you’ve the features & functionalities pinned & you know the data flow. You can easily create an array of mockups to show to your clients!

Now let’s give you a rundown of what is this sorcery

Simple Interface to Design Prototypes/Mockups

So that it’s pretty clear that Mockplus’s main objective is to make your life easier, help you design what is under usual circumstances a mammoth task to achieve. It obviously implies that the prime unique selling point of this tool is a fast, clean and simple prototype design tool, focusing on design, in order to weed out the complexity of the said task. Therefore by every yard stick MockPlus should be your good to app for designing them mockups!

No Coding Experience Necessary – Sign up & Get Started!

OK let’s face it, this tool at the end of the day is for making prototypes, so you need have a semblance of basic coding & programming experience. I mean it’s not THAT necessary but you should be acquainted with the basics at least. BUT hey don’t sweat, with MockPlus you don’t even need that! Yeah no kidding, you can drag drop buttons, text fields, images & texts to create a functional prototype. Isn’t that amazing!
No Programming & Coding Experience Necessary

One Size Fit ALL- Desktop, Mobile & Web Apps

All-in-one, Mockplus can create prototypes for any mobile apps, desktop apps and web apps, especially for mobile apps, coz those are hardest part. BUT hey Mockplus again, makes it so easy. You don’t have to look past MockPlus to switch from one platform to another. With the increasing use of handheld devices & almost 50% of the internet traffic has switched to handheld devices, so it’s crucial to develop a version for different platform. So its user friendly no matter what device the user is accessing your product through.

Mobile Friendly Features to Test in Real Time

If you were ever tasked to create design for application, hands down everyone would agree that it’s the mobile apps that are hardest. The design not only needs to incorporate all the features but within in a very limited frame but you need to make sure that it’s responsive. Icing on the cake you might want to go for the retro touch based interface, that one is the hardest to do. SO what do you do in a situation like that, because It’s not just the design you need to get right, you’ve get it right for range of devices with different screen sizes & resolutions. Worry Not! MockPlus to the rescue again, pretty clear, it can support preview on the real mobile phones by scanning the QR code to check the real user experience of your design. QR code is to make sure that you’re the intended user for whom only the preview is available.

MockPlus Comes with Wide Array Templates to Choose From

Mockplus not only let you design your prototype from the scratch but you can also tweak custom design to suit your needs. There is a wide array of options to choose from there are adequate components, icons and customized templates. Those templates are designed for different professionals who can use it for different generic products, there is enough room for customization so it shouldn’t be problem for anyone to tweak it according to their needs.

Frequent Updates to Help You Keep Up

Mockplus keep releasing new updates that enhances various functionalities available on the application, those functionalities are added after reviewing various support request & industry updates. The coming new version 2.1 will increase functionalities of interactions, like window pops, slider images, context switching, rolling interface, etc.

Frequent Updates to Help You Keep Up

Economical, Powerful & User friendly

In conclusion, there are bigger names in the industry that offer UX prototyping service, Axure, Balsamiq & others, but MockPlus is not only easy on the pocket but its at par with them. Therefore ideally Mockplus is the go to application if you want to create mockups of any software prototype you want to make. It’s for all the platforms, it lets you create responsive prototypes & even lets you test mobile prototypes in run time. Mockplus in short is an ideal application for beginners & advance users. You don’t need any coding or programming knowledge, just basic knowledge of data flow & you can create your super duper mockup for an application.

These are the 7 reasons why MockPlus is a must use for UI-UX designers which we have rounded off. So why don’t you give it a try and let us know your views regarding it.