Momentum Ventures Benefitting From Move To A Web-Based HR System

New businesses have a lot of challenges to deal with as they grow and expand from basement to boardroom. From meticulously adding the right employees at the right time, to dealing with expanding office space and equipment needs, there are a lot of steps that businesses have to get right to find the right balance between expansion and sound business development. One thing growing businesses definitely need to deal with is deciding how to handle their human resources department. While the myriad of tasks facing human resources are well established, the methods of how to carry out this work are steadily evolving with more and more companies dedicating staff to a qualified human resources staff.

One Montreal, Quebec business that is taking a different route when it comes to human resources workflows is Momentum Ventures, who recently went to a web-based system called BambooHR. The technology company is now seeing exciting results from the switch across their entire staff. Here are five benefits of going from a traditional human resources system to a web-based service.

A drastic reduction in paper usage

By moving their human resources system to a web-based platform, Momentum Ventures has seen a huge drop off in the amount of paper waste within the office and the human resources department. The switch has resulted in the near-elimination of paper waste within the department, cutting costs and doing right by the environment at the same time. This is due to almost all forms, documents, and manuals now being available through the BambooHR web portal. This, in addition to other web-based portals for things such as insurance benefits, has led to a much greener department all around.

Balancing workload between human resources and employees

The switch has resulted in a sharing of workload between human resources and employees in other departments. As a result of putting all forms and information online, the responsibility for finding and completing these documents has shifted from human resources staff to the employee. This has introduced and increased accountability amongst employees for completing their own requests and has freed up the human resources department. Essentially, there are no more derailing visits from staff while human resources staff complete their work.

HR staff have more time to conduct more and thorough interviews

Since the switchover, Momentum Ventures has seen a rise in interviews being conducted by human resources staff. Likewise, this has also resulted in interviews being conducted more thoroughly. This will ultimately lead to a more efficient hiring process, resulting in less downtime as the company attempts to fill roles going forward. Likewise, this should open up more time for thoughtful and regular employee reviews.

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Employees have more awareness in regards to office policies

Employees at Momentum Ventures are now fully aware of all company announcements as compared to word of mouth announcements. Due to inbox notifications, even employees who work out of office, or are on vacation or sick, can be in the know when it comes to office announcements. Additionally, employees are always privy to stats like salary, sick days, vacation days, and more thanks to the profile building system web-based human resources give employees access to. This also allows mass messages to be sent out regarding potential office closures due to weather or other unpredictable events.

Manager options

Managers are able to view, and then approve or deny, requests of all kinds from employees. This eliminates the need to track down employees or managers and exchange documents. Likewise, if time off is approved by the manager, it is tracked in real time for both the manager and the employee to see.

As businesses grow they need to find ways to run lean operations that are efficient and welcoming to employees. Momentum Ventures’ move to a web-based human resources system has accomplished just that, benefiting both human resources and other departments and employees at the same time. From increasing employee awareness, to creating efficiencies in the human resources department, the switch to a web-based human resources system has seen more benefits than simply going green.