If you are constantly switching from one job to another, you are what people call a job hopper. Someone who is indecisive and unable to settle down for one job, no longer than a couple of weeks. I am not the one to judge, but one thing is for sure – the more time you spend unemployed, the harder it is going to be to find an employer who will want to give you a job.

It is, of course, understandable and safe when you have got things to take care of in personal life. Like the passing of a relative or a new child being born. Such events usually trigger a job-leave for an unspecified amount of time, though the longer the leave – the harder it is going to be, to land a perfectly appropriate job.

Most people leave their jobs because they don’t like how they are being treated and dealt with. It’s a commonly known issue in modern times. Managers, and basically anyone who has got more say in matters than you do – is going to take it to their advantage, by bossing you around, telling you what to do (constantly) and shouting at you at your every mistake. It’s not them as persons, it’s their ego’s who have found a way to be more powerful than others.

I am trying to bring to light both sides of the story. Age plays an important part in getting hired or landing that dream job. With age comes experience, but if you are 30 now and have spent the last 5 years on your butt – doing nothing but blazing chronic and watching TV – your chances are very, very low.

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Check out this infographic to find out what exactly are the common checks that employers do, when choosing the perfect employee. See how you can improve upon the data and maybe it’s time to give it another try.

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