Anytime I check my mail and find a promo message or a newsletter from a brand with a sender address that bears or, I can’t help but wonder, “Is this message authentic at all?” It didn’t matter whether the sender had used the best email maker service to compose their message; I always had my doubt! So here, we will discuss about the importance of custom email for your business!

At first, I thought I was only paranoid and overly cautious until I saw a report from GoDaddy, which claimed that 75% of US consumers doubt the authenticity of emails that come from free, personal addresses.

At that point, I finally had validation for my paranoia because a reputable company just revealed that three-quarters of Americans share my paranoia towards companies that send emails via non-professional, free email addresses. 

So you see, if you’re still in the act of sending your customers emails through your personal email address or those of your employees or a company email address that bears or any other related connotation, I’m afraid you’re doing it wrong. 

You need to start sending targeted emails using a custom email address. And on this post, we’ll share with you all the amazing benefits you stand to gain when you start doing this.

So, let’s go!

People trust you more

Just like we mentioned at the beginning of this post, one of the biggest benefits of using a custom email address for your business purposes is that it helps you gain the trust of your customers. And in case you need further convincing on that, just take a look at the simple illustration below.

Company A sends a promo message announcing their latest discount offer to you using an email address that looks like this In contrast, company B sends you a similar message using a custom email address that appears like this

Who are you more likely to trust with your bank card details? I guess we both know the answer to that!

Flexibility for staff email addresses

When you’re just starting your small business, it might be okay to use your own personal email address or create a free Gmail account for your business. But what happens when your business starts to grow, and you begin to add more employees?

Well, the demand changes!

At different points in time, different employees might need to access the company’s mail – to follow up on a lead, reach out to prospects, or connect with reps from other companies. In those instances, there might be a need to mention their own name in the email so as to help recipients remember who they are or to create a formal recognition with recipients so that they can get the impression that the message is coming from an actual human who has a name.

With a custom domain email, it becomes easy to do this, as employees can customize every email they send to bear their name, as well as the company’s name in a format that looks like this: “employee’”

Email marketing purpose

Merely looking at the subject of an email and the sender’s email address, 69% of email recipients claim they determine whether or not to report an email as spam. For the purpose of your business email marketing effort, you’re going to be sending targeted emails to prospects and existing customers from time to time. How do you think these people will react to a message that bears your own personal email address in the sender address box? 

Of course, they’ll most likely report you as spam! But when they see a professional-looking address that bears the name of a company they can relate to, they’re more likely to open your email than ignore or report it.

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Longevity and business control

Let’s say you allow every one of your employees to keep tabs with clients using their own email addresses, and one day, one of your employees decides to walk away from your business? What happens to the email list of those clients the departing employee has built? 

Well, the answer is pretty simple: You lose all their contacts!

With a custom email domain, however, you can have your own backup copy of business emails and also deactivate the authorization of an employee once they walk out the door. That way, not only will you ensure you don’t lose business contacts, but you’ll also stay in control of what happens with and to your business clients.

Custom email brands your business

Business branding doesn’t end with choosing a business name, creating a website, or making custom lapels. It involves every single detail that makes you look professional. Since your business’s email address will appear on everything that belongs to your company – business cards, website, flyers, sales brochures, newsletters, etc. – choosing a domain address rather than a free address is definitely a no-brainer. 

For what it’s worth, it reinforces your brand name and reputation in the minds of the public and further proves your professionalism. 

People take you more seriously

I don’t know about you, but each time I see @Gmail or @Yahoo on something that’s supposed to be professional, I can’t help but take them for a joke. @Gmail, @Hotmail, @Outlook, and @Yahoo screams “Unprofessional” all day long. So if you’re still using them for your business purposes, I’m afraid you’re creating the wrong impression about your brand in the minds of the public.  

Especially when dealing with businesses or corporate partners that are already using custom domain email addresses, using free email addresses will make your business appear like a substandard one. 

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