Emails witnessed an open rate of 22.15% in 2019 and 47% of the marketers find them as the most effective digital marketing channel. Clubbing these facts with an ROI of $44 per every dollar invested, email marketing turns out to be the most promising channel for any business. But, encashing these opportunities requires strategic efforts and a clear line of action. If you are willing to step up your emailing marketing efforts, onboarding a professional email marketer is a must. In this article, we will understand the factors that make it necessary to hire dedicated resources instead of approaching the situation casually. Dive in deeper to have a better understanding of the topic:

Challenges Faced In Email Marketing

As a commercial entity, every business weighs the pros and cons of any activity before investing money and resources into it. As we saw earlier, emailing is definitely worth it. 

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However, the following setbacks make email marketing a relatively complex process for businesses lacking dedicated departments:

Technical Differences Between Other Digital Marketing Channels And Email Marketing

When we consider other channels like social media, running campaigns on them is relatively simple. You just need to run advertisements by selecting a few fields and capture leads as long as your advertisements are live. When it comes to emails, you have to craft engaging copies with minimum multimedia and connect multiple times with your target audience. Hence, it requires better strategies and continuous efforts clubbed with improvement measures to execute it properly. 

Creating Responsive HTML Templates Requires Multifold Analysis

Ask any experienced designer and you will learn that designing responsive HTML email templates is exactly the opposite of web designing. Hence, your regular resources will find them intimidating and they would fall short of technicalities required for the job. Right from the UX design to coding, everything requires multifold analysis to fit everything in place. Your designers require to have foresight narrowed down to every pixel. It includes font size, padding, hex codes, and placing CTAs for different devices. Usually, creating a single email takes up to a week if every parameter is taken care of including quality control for brand consistency.

Legal Compliance Issues

Every country has certain regulations on sending business emails. They are better known as footer compliance. The regulations require firms to mention certain terms in the footer section of the message. Failing to do so even in a single message can lead to getting prosecuted, fined, or both. The US has CAN-SPAM, European Union applies GDPR while Canadian firms have to follow CASL. 

Losing On Opportunity Costs Due To Absence Of Dedicated Leadership

People often underestimate the potential of landing in the inboxes of their prospects. If someone provides you with their email id, that’s halfway down the track because they already trust you now. Even if you aren’t mailing them in an appropriate frequency, you are most likely to leave a lot of business on the table. Having a dedicated leadership for such efforts is vital to success and leaving the job on your sales staff only dilutes your chances of reaching the right customers. This leads to a situation where organizations treat emailing as cold calling and shoot in the dark without any long-term approach.

Areas Where Professional Email Marketers Can Help Businesses

In the above section, we had a look at the fundamental shortcomings faced by organizations. But before taking the call on hiring a professional, you may like to have a look at the expertise areas that make the actual difference. Have a quick glance here:

Campaign Strategy

Email marketing overlaps all digital marketing channels. Thus, the campaign managers help integrate your entire digital marketing strategy and align your efforts for maximum outreach. This includes designing landing pages, running omnichannel campaigns, and incentivizing engagement through lead magnets. Combining email marketing with social media campaigns also gives insights to customer preferences.

Contact List Building

Having a hygienic mailing list is vital to the success of your campaigns. Professional marketers make use of dedicated tools, gated content, and opt-in forms for list building. Most firms have below 10,000 subscribers and adding new ones should be on their top priority.

email database size

Credits: GetResponse

Managing Subscribers

Every subscriber has different positions in your sales funnel at different times. An email marketer can help build and execute tailored campaigns for your prospects, clients, and brand loyalists across all customer demographics separately.

Data Segmentation

Most of the websites facilitate the generation of behavioral data. Segmenting your contacts as per their preferences, demographics, billing history, and latest actions optimize your engagement.


Once you have access to the preferences and behavior of your contacts, you can send them only relevant messages. Personalization requires intensive automation and copywriting efforts. 

Market Statistics: 72% of consumers prefer emails for business communication.

Designing Responsive HTML Email Templates

An expert email template developer can design templates that look great in every email client and on every device and maintain branding consistency through various email generating tools and techniques. They also use rendering tools to shorten the deployment turnaround period.

Email Automation

Automating Lead Nurturing and Lifecycle is a complex process involving many sets of best practices. Collecting customer data, running behavioral analysis, executing segmentation-personalization efforts driven by analytics for each level in the sales funnel are crucial aspects of email workflow automation. Automation specialists can help you do all this and more.

A/B Split Testing

A/B split testing helps find out the best subject lines, opening salutations, layouts, and sign-offs for your emails by testing different versions on a control group. It is executed to enable personalization.

Detailed Analysis

Hiring a dedicated resource has substantial advantages when it comes to analytics. They optimize your campaigns based on various metrics like:

  • Open Rate
  • Spamming Rate
  • CTR
  • Conversion Rate
  • Bounce Rate
  • List Hygiene

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Strategic Benefits Of Hiring A Dedicated Email Marketer

We had a look at the expertise areas of email marketing professionals, but hiring them also holds strategic benefits. We have summarized the major strategic edges availed by hiring dedicated email marketers:

Result-Driven Efforts

The hiring is done on the basis of results projected before entering a formal engagement. And, they are seasoned executives who dedicatedly work on your project and use the latest tools.

Minimum Correspondence Within The Organization

All of the bottlenecks are eliminated since the work is handled by the hired dedicated expert. It is their responsibility to execute the work right from ideation to implementation. Thus, communication within your organization is virtually eliminated.

No Commitment And High Scalability

If you choose to hire a dedicated email marketer, there is no need for long-term commitments. Also, you can scale up at any time by hiring more marketers on an ad hoc basis or getting a dedicated team.

Wrap Up

Coming towards the end, what needs to be highlighted is that 34% of the businesses are already outsourcing their business processes to meet their organizational goals, with 30% of U.S. and Canadian businesses focusing specifically on digital marketing efforts. If you are thinking of taking professional help from an email marketer for your emailing efforts, it is a good idea to evaluate your current and future requirements. I hope you find this article on the need for professional email marketers helpful for your firm.