The digital era has enabled parents to give kids proper time due to busy schedules. Meanwhile, most of the kids that are just 3+ now own their tablets. And it is quite a difficult task to keep an eye on them all the time. If something pros, it also comes with cons. The same goes for social media. So the parents must show responsibility in this regard, and what can be more helpful than a FamiSafe parental control app.

The worry is not just confined to social media vulnerability, but the places the kids’ visit are also n headache for parents. Parents send kids to study to schools, but they don’t know if their kids are reaching safely on their destination or kids themselves are bunking schools or classes. And at that point what they need is a location tracker. Even limiting modern gadgets won’t work since you can’t take these gadgets away from them. They can get access to gambler websites accidentally or by their own will. And it would be impossible, to sum up, the mess once they fall for a predator, such as kidnapping or abusing and exposure to gambler websites.

In terms of kids’ security and safety, there are numerous phone tracking apps are available that can track a cell phone and can go best according to the day’s need. I got up the list, and some are:

  • Xplora 2 – a lovely gift in disguise
  • FamiSafe – perfect fpr tracking your child’s activity (online & offline).
  • Jiobit – a discreet GPS tracker
  • Angel sense – suitable for children with special needs

Among all of these apps, the most beneficial one is the FamiSafe parental control app in terms of features and superior functionality.

FamiSafe – track your child’s online and offline activity

FamiSafe has features that can monitor kids’ online and offline activities, i.e., their social media interactions and the places they visit often. I choose this cell tracker due to its ease and the simple vision for parents to put a hardcore yet flexible boundary around kids. It keeps both the kids and parents in their comfort zone. Some extraordinary features include:

1. Real-time location sharing

The GPS location tracker helps you to keep an eye on the real-time location of kids. It includes their traces if they are at school or house, where they are supposed to be at a particular time. The app layers you when the kid goes out of the boundaries you have set, and thus, it has made it possible to monetize the migration of kids from one place t another. Additionally, the app gives you the entire period in terms of minutes and hours.

2. Location history tracking

Not just the kid’s real-time location, this tracking app keeps the data of kids that they have visited before. It let you know where they are seen last time or what up to they are.

3. Geofencing

Geofencing allows you to set particular restrictions that kid is not allowed to cross. The GPS tracker app alerts you impliedly if any of the kids are exploiting any of these boundaries.

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How to use it?

Just follow these simple steps:

  • Register your account via Google or the app store
  • Install the app on the kid’s and parent’s device
  • Manage all the devices through FamiSafe dashboard

Famisafe; how to track the location of your kids?

Based on the system that suits well both the android and ios systems, the FamiSafe is one of the top apps that ensures your kids’ security. The superiority lies in the features that arrive with it.

1. Detect suspicious activities

The apps allow you to detect suspicious activities such as any scary word, i.e., sex, drugs, etc., similarly; the app can detect any vulnerable images in the child’s gallery and provide the parents direct access to it.

2. Website purifier

The mobile tracker app keeps the complete data of the browsing history that keep your kids away from vulnerable sites such as gambling sites or other threatening sites.

3. App/game blocker

The kid tracker app can block harmful games or inappropriate apps and expose the kid to personality harm. It provides you with constant alerts in this regard.

4. Limits the screen time

The long-time exposure to the screen can affect both the mental and physical health of kids. The use of digital screens can affect the eyesight and back eye muscles. This mobile tracker restricts screen time for kids on a daily or weekly basis.

5. Location tracker

The GPS tracker app arrives with a GPS locator that can locate the kid’s position as long as it is connected to the internet. It helps you keep an eye on the kid’s activities, where he/she go, and what is his/her social circle. That can save you from big disasters such as kidnapping or abusing your kid.

Price plans

Various price plans are available for this free tracking app and you can choose according to your need. You can check these plans below:

1. Monthly: 9.99$

2. Annually: 59.9$

3. Quarterly: 19.9$

How to download?

To download from the Google play store click here


To download from the app store click here


To download from the Amazon buying store click here



The security of kids is the need of the day since the vulnerability is on another level these days. FamiSafe can track the location of your kid and thus keeps you updated so you can avoid any huge blunder.

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