Is your website not getting enough traffic? Are people bouncing back from it?  If that’s the case, then you’re probably not using SEO right. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is halfway to getting leads. 

It’s tedious, and it isn’t easy, but once you get the hang of it, it starts coming naturally. If you don’t come up on search results until page 5, no one will ever find your website. 

If your website is sloppy and poorly designed, and it takes people more than three menu clicks to find what they need, then you will have a difficult time closing leads. In this article, we go over the easiest tricks to hack SEO and begin closing more deals than you are now. 

All it takes is a little bit of knowledge, a lot of creativity, and some optimization. We assume you’re already familiar with Google Analytics, as well as Webmaster, and know how to read their data. 

When people visit your website, the most apparent thing should be your Call-To-Action (CTA) button. 

If your design is sloppy and your graphics are cheap, no one will click your CTA button


First Impressions Last, Perfect That Landing Page

First impressions last forever. You only get one chance to make it good. If your landing page is buggy, people are very likely to bounce back to their search engine and find your competitors. 

Make sure the landing page is interactive, its technology is up to date, and maybe even add digital signage screens to be more interactive and customized. This will make everyone who visits your page feel welcome. 

Millennials like to feel they’re special, and customizing your page based on its visitors goes a long way. Have a creative banner and an easy-to-find space for your customers to chat with the bots if they need to. You should also consider push notifications, and let your visitors know why you stand out. 

Remember to add some honest and genuine reviews that former (or even better, recurring) customers have written about your product or your business. Use your keywords in the first lines, in the banner, and in your CTA buttons. 

So now you’ve got your landing page covered, you fixed your banner, added your keywords, looked into digital signage, and stretched out your creativity. 

Use That Email List for Some Wholesomeness 

We are constantly bombarded with spammy emails that we only open to mark as read or unsubscribe from. It doesn’t have to be like that when customers or other businesses receive emails from your business. 

Emails convert 300% faster and more efficiently than any other digital marketing platform that people use for digital marketing. This year, email has remained the most common and most popular communication method. 

When you email your list, make sure you’re not sending everyone the same canned message. If you want your email list to improve your traffic, which would guarantee more leads, you want to make sure that every customer gets their tailored email. 

Make it Easy to Share

Easy To Share

Google and other search engines penalize websites that don’t have direct links to their social media pages. They also do the same with the ones that aren’t optimized for mobile phones and tablets. 

Try to avoid that as much as possible. Make sure your UX and UI designs are impeccable, your website is easy to share on social media, and your social media pages are interactive and responsive. 

Create a sleek and clean social media page, one that keeps your clients engaged and offers them support when they need it. Social media promotion will get you very far if it’s done well. It’s the new word of mouth. 

People believe the reviews they read by their friends. Social media traction helps generate constant traffic by putting together analytics for you so you can advertise to your niche. 

Many people search for social media platforms to find out more about the companies they’re about to hire. Your likes, people’s activity on your timeline, the retweets, and the shares all matter. 

Depending on your niche, and region, you’ll need to find out which sites your potential leads have the most activity on, what times they use them, and where they click. Make sure to stay ahead of your competitors by always being open to learning. 

Ready, Set, Launch!

You’re all set. With these easy and very doable hacks, you’re bound to take the industry by storm more than AirBnB put hotels and landlords out of business. Make sure your landing page is nothing short of perfect, get those subscribers some really wholesome content, and leverage data. 

Use analytics and algorithms to your benefit, and make sure to be as interactive as possible. A lot of people don’t know where to start when it comes to launching their site, so they procrastinate and never do it. 

Now that you’re equipped with this list, there’s no stopping you.