It’s almost like every single kid in the world has a cell-phone, in fact – a smartphone that’s capable of doing everything a modern computer would do. More importantly, it allows kids to go on social media and socialize with one another. Technically, such information isn’t really relevant to the marketer – unless he is thinking long-long-term.

I mean to say that there is certain benefit of trying to gain these children as followers or fans on your social media platforms, because you never know what they might grow up to be. It might just so happen that they need either a service or a product that you’re offering, and they’re more than likely to remember that they’re following you on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and Vine.

If we look at it from that perspective, I actually think it makes a lot of sense to know this data and use it to our advantage. I immediately thought of hosting giveaways and contests that would involve giving away books that teens and children can relate to, and would allow them to engage your business model.

The infographic gives us some really interesting data about which social media platforms teens use, and how often. I’m surprised that only a mere 8% of children aged 12 to 17 use Twitter, I thought Twitter would be on the top of the list. It appears that video and photo sharing websites like YouTube and Instagram, and Vine are currently rocking the world for children. It makes sense, quick and funny content is going to be much more appealing to kid – than expecting him to watch a marketing conference keynote.

Social Media for Children - How Are They Coping [INFOGRAPHIC]