Social Media is Boring

This picture is the true definition of a webmaster when he starts to doubt his abilities, and questions if that what he does is the right thing, and should he even continue on the same path. The only reason I am writing this is because I have been there. I have gotten out of there. It wasn’t hard, but it required one thing – knowing what I want.

It’s a natural thing and part of the process, to start giving up at a certain point of your career. Everywhere you go, everything you read – it always talks about the importance of promoting content on social media websites. You listen to this advice and start doing what others have done already for what seems like forever.

The first couple of weeks you are totally fine with the process, you know that hard work is going to pay off eventually, but it never did. Otherwise, I see no reason for you to keep reading on. This post is meant to educate you on a couple of things about social media, and how to restart your promotion strategy that will require less effort for more result.

How-To Promote Content Effortlessly on Social Media

Working Hard Sign

The first lesson is simple, don’t try to do more than is required. Trying to overdo things is not the way forward. Instead of replying to ten different stories, reply to two – with meaningful and thoughtful comments that will want other people to leave a comment as well. Social media is not hard to understand and requires only a little bit of practice to see what makes people click.

Slowly, but Surely

I am promoting content on social media, slowly but surely.

The moment I decide to increase my content promotion speed I risk losing peoples interest in me. Wouldn’t you be annoyed that someone continuously promoted content at absurd rates, yet there isn’t much you could do about it? On sites like Twitter and Google+ it’s very common to see new webmasters advertising at ridiculous rates. It happens on Facebook too, but not as often.

It’s not the quantity that counts, it’s the quality that matters.

The lesson to take away here is that most of the time it’s real people who look at what you have to say, and if you continue giving them information at increasing rates they simply won’t be able to follow it, and eventually remove you from their list of friends, followers.

The little mind trick – It’s okay this time, I can spam my content this time, they won’t notice. – is not gonna work.

Relevant Groups, Communities

I don’t think Twitter offers anything similar to groups, except for hashtags, which you can discover by reading my recent piece of how to find great Twitter hashtags.

Facebook, Google+ & Reddit does offer some sort of a community oriented functionality. For Facebook it’s groups, Google+ has communities and Reddit is sporting it’s very own – subreddits.

You are guaranteed to find communities relevant to your interests, people all over the world join groups that they find of interest to share ideas, tips and stories.

The so called problem steps in when we start searching for these groups, we are ready to join groups based on our interests, what we might not understand at first and completely miss is that because so many people share similar interests, the same people will follow the same groups.

For an example we can take a community group for Blogging Enthusiasts. Blogging Enthusiasts have got 50,000 people being part of the group, you might think that is good, when in reality it is really bad. All these users are generic and not really in the community to discuss their opinions with 49,999 other people.

This is why looking for smaller groups, more niche oriented ones is the best choice you can make regarding creating new relationships and finding like-minded people. Smaller communities/groups mean that less people are participating and it is easier to see who is talking trying to express his opinion about something.

The big groups are more like news outlets that feature trending content that a lot of people at the same time like.

It’s up to you to decide, I know I will be joining smaller groups to not only save my time but to also engage with people who care about what I have to say.

Expecting Nothing

The last tip I want to share for promoting content without effort on social media is to simply relax and avoid expecting any results. Think of social media groups/communities like chat groups where you are simply chatting with people who share the same interests or work in the same business that you do.

At some point you will notice that some people simply are sharing the same ideas you are.

Perhaps the very last thing I should mention is to avoid promoting only yourself, but encourage people to visit some of your favorites too. Being too egocentric – people notice that quickly. Share stories from all around the web, and when you share something of your own – be ready to engage with people on a deeper level.

That is about all that I wanted to share, it’s all about being chilled out, relaxed and full of patience. Good things always come if we are willing to wait and put the necessary amount of work into something.