You can bet on it – a huge corporate and self-driven company like Google is going to have a lot of admirers, and of course backstabbers who want to get the bigger piece of the pie, when they’ve been offered to take the normal sized one and keep operating at their normal pace. Bing has been caught stealing data from Google a long time ago, yet Microsoft decided to sue Google for competitive hire and the breach of contract.

I guess it was Microsoft’s way of getting back at Google, right?

It’s not just big companies and corporations who love to sue Google, individuals and small business – all have tried to squeeze some money out of Google. The most recent lawsuit loss Google had to deal with was $125 million loss to pay to SimpleAir, after losing an Android patent lawsuit!

It’s clearly nothing, for a company that can spend $3.2B + $400M dollars in two weeks for acquiring companies.

Google has just recently teamed up with Samsung for a 10 year contract in order to save itself from losing even more money, and in return gain more exposure for the lovely Android mobile system. They were ‘enemies’ before the contract was signed, but it goes to show what lawsuits can do to companies, and it’s always better to work together.

I hope you’ll enjoy this infographic about Google lawsuits.

Taking a Look at Google Lawsuits [INFOGRAPHIC]

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