Do you have a programmer in your life? If you do, then you probably know that most gifts in the market may not appeal to them. Sure, programmers also have fun sides to them, as does everyone else. But the tip in gift-giving lies in aligning the gift to the recipient’s interests. With most gifts, you cannot do that, and it makes special occasions a bit frustrating at times. But worry not. Regardless of whether you need valentine’s presents for wife or friend, some presents work for most programmers. All you have to do is to ask yourself if they need or want the gift and there you will have your answer. Without much ado, let’s get started:

An Adjustable Desk

What do most programmers do all day? Here is a quick tip. They sit for hours on end, bent forward with their eyes glued on the screen as they tap away on their devices. While this may not affect them in the short run, it has adverse effects on their body. This bent posture leads to back and shoulder problems. So what should they do? The answer is pretty easy. It lies in having an in-between when it comes to standing straight and being comfortable. And you can offer them this by getting them an adjustable standing desk. It allows them to fit multiple screens in their workspace, and it also helps them sit upright. Now, they will no longer have to battle posture problems. That’s a problem solved, and this makes this a great gift. How better to express love this Valentine’s Day?

A Coffee Maker

You are not going for any coffee maker here. Instead, it would help if you had something with a wow factor. Research the options available in the market, looking for that extra thing that they have to offer. From brew time to water temperature to aesthetic value, there is a lot to consider in this case. Your programmer probably needs a lot of coffee to get through those long hours while remaining alert and avoiding errors. If this is the case, a fresh brew every morning is the key to keeping them happy. If the special person in your life prefers to do without the caffeine, a water bottle would be great. In either case, your efforts will go towards improving their productivity. And that shows that you care for them and value what they do. Who does not need appreciation from their loved ones?

A Laptop Bag

You will know them by their bags. That is a sentence to which many programmers can relate. More often than not, programmers have their work on their laptops, and they carry their devices to and from work. Even those who work at home have to carry their devices now and then. It could be that they are meeting with a client, are off on a trip, or are heading to network with some like-minded people. In all these cases, a programmer needs a sturdy bag that can protect that which they hold dear.

With this in mind, head to the shop and get a large bag that can fit their device. It works better if the bag has extra storage space for other items. Do you know what could be better than this? Well, if the bag also worked for other things than carrying laptops. Don’t go for a standard look. Instead, look out for bags that have a luxurious feel to them. After all, this is the day to express love through gifts.

A Vacuum Cleaner

Who has the time to tend to house chores when working on tasks that keep piling by the second? It is highly likely that your programmer hasn’t the time to follow up on cleaning the house. Here is one thing that they can do: they can program a cleaner to tend to their needs. As they work on their projects, they can have peace of mind knowing that almost half the cleaning work is out of the way. Did you know that working in a disorganized room makes you feel confused? Put an end to that confusion by enabling them to work in a clean space. Guess who will get a nomination for best boyfriend this year? Probably you!

Any gift you choose should add value to your loved one’s life. So take the time to think about what they need then give it to them. Gifting is that simple!