Ruby On Rails vs PHP

PHP and Ruby on Rails are both awesome web languages. Some developers prefer PHP to Ruby on Rails while others prefer Ruby on Rails to PHP. There are some reasons that are accustomed to that.

For starters let’s understand what they entail:

What is Ruby on Rails and PHP?

For starters, Ruby on Rails is a framework that has Ruby as its main language. PHP, on the other hand, is a web programming language that works with storage, editing, transmission, and integration of databases.

PHP is a server-side scripting language that works on the back-end side of a web page or app. It mainly uses sets of scripts to link one thing and the other. Ruby, on the other hand, is a programming language that provides back-end solutions to apps or websites. Ruby on Rails helps programmers code while enjoying at the same time.

Comparison: –
Comparison betwee RoR and PHP

Popularity: –
PHP is much more common than Ruby on Rails. However over time, Ruby on Rails has started gaining popularity. Many PHP users prefer doing their projects from scratch without using a framework unlike in Ruby on Rails where it is a framework on its own.

Resources and Scalability: –
In terms of scalability, PHP tends to outdo Ruby on Rails. This is because PHP tends to have more resources than Ruby. There are many sites where you can get certain data of troubleshooting problems and ways to make it more effective. Since PHP was being used long before Ruby, that’s why there is such a big margin.

Maintenance: –
Maintenance for both of them is equal. Both of them are at the same level. However, it depends on the application that has been made, which is what makes a difference. In terms of frameworks, as mentioned earlier PHP has a variety of them whereas ruby on rails on its own is a framework. Ruby has limited resources unlike PHP.

Performance: –
In terms of performance, both of them are equal. However, PHP is a bit faster than Ruby on Rails. This is because Ruby on Rails is an established framework while PHP transmits codes as it is. Their run times differ, but over time their community support has been strategizing on how to reduce this slow speed and make them be among the fastest.

The cost: –
PHP is more common and popular than Ruby thus tends to be much cheaper. If you want to purchase an application made with PHP you can easily get it at a lower price as compared to one made from Ruby. This is also because there are many skilled PHP developers around unlike Ruby developers. PHP resources are also readily available making the process easier.

Why you should use PHP

• It is easy to learn, if you have all the concepts of front-end at your fingertips, it is easy to understand PHP in short while. It is recommended for everyone who is interested in the web . However, you need to combine it with other languages for it to build a complete app or website. For example, JavaScript.
• PHP easily supports most web servers. It depends with your preference; they include Netscape, Apache and so on.
• If you want to interlink your database with the codes, PHP is the answer. In addition, it is popular thus there are many forums where you can get solutions to problems you are encountering.
• If you want to develop a Content Management System (CMS), PHP can play a major role in that. It will definitely help you.
• PHP has awesome frameworks that work really well and will lessen your code writing experience. The frameworks work really well. For Instance Zend framework.
• Hosting: Hosting PHP made websites is easy. Even if you log in into the C panel, there are normally options for configuration.
• While working with PHP, you will be required to use Xampp or Wamp, they store databases and are easy to install after following all the guidelines provided.
• You should also opt for PHP as it has many affordable solutions that will enhance your coding experience. This is also accredited to the large developer pool.
• There are many editors and tools that one can use in writing PHP codes without limitations. The codes will run smoothly.

Why you should try out Ruby (on rails)

• For starters, Ruby is object-oriented meaning you can easily integrate something exactly as you vision it.
• Ruby is a framework and it comes with the gems library. Gems normally acts like a market, where you can get modules for various functions. It eases the coding experience while using Ruby.
• By using Ruby, you can import modules and classes as you wish. They can also be extended and overridden.
• In Ruby, you can easily write functional-like codes and commands.
• While using Ruby on Rails you will have all the freedom and power to add any function as you wish.
• Ruby credits its powerful nature to the Rails framework that ensures everything works as required.
• If you develop something using Ruby on Rails be assured that it will get market very easily. This is because of scarcity of Ruby developers
• Ruby’s support community is ever ready to help and troubleshoot any issues.
• Be assured that how you found Ruby is not how you will find it a month from now, it is ever changing and embracing new technology.

Cons in PHP

• PHP is difficult to learn fully within a short time, it requires regular practice.
• This programming language uses a lot of curly braces and if you omit a $ sign it may not function as required.
• If you want to link an HTML page to a PHP page, you will be required to use almost two PHP code files. The first one is a set of commands that tells what is next and the other is the return page.
• If you don’t link the PHP page codes well, a web page cannot function fully and data won’t be transmitted to the database easily.
• It is hard to manage large applications using PHP. You will need expert skills to pull it off. It is hard to maintain to some extent.
• PHP’s scripting language is not object oriented.
• Unexpected bugs may appear if there are any implicit conversions.

Cons of Ruby on Rails

• You will need a lot of time and patience to fully learn Ruby and learn all its tricks and tips
• Its processing time tends to be slower as compared to other languages.
• Yes, it does have some resources but they aren’t enough. Thus in trouble shooting problems, you may find it difficult to get a forum that addresses such an issue.
• Its updates and development are slow.

PHP and Ruby on Rails are both awesome when it comes to building applications and websites. However, they differ in many ways, if you want to learn fast start with PHP. You should also remember to do regular practice so as to perfect your skills. Ruby on Rails takes more time as you have to setup a lot of stuff before starting the actual coding. This can be tiresome and take time. Most web servers and hosting companies also support PHP, unlike Ruby on Rails that is not that flexible.

Learning Ruby on Rails can be very advantageous for anyone, as you will manage to be on top of the team. Most people know PHP; imagine being unique with your skills in Ruby, awesome, right?

Although there are differences between the two, you should try them out. They will definitely change your whole coding experience.