As we all know how important education is in today’s life, the recent upgradation from physical learning to digital learning has changed many things worldwide. We have acknowledged that the evolution of things and subjects is a process of living. So, when information and technology are combined with education, it aids many people in need of grasping teaching. 

Technology is booming in every other sector and field, healthcare, finance, or other. Similarly, when we talk about education, technology has made its way there to bring comfort and learn new learning prospects. 

A recent report found that 70% of educators rely more on digital learning than physical learning material. They have stated that students want digital material for studies rather than books. They hint that the new future of the education stream is digital mobilized technology that will not even help students learn better but would make it much more accessible and more straightforward. 

Why is technology the future of education?

Education shapes our future of society, and in the end, it is a technology that we cannot run behind. We all have witnessed how pandemics have managed to harm every other sector. Thus, it also became the way to introduce digitalization in many sectors: education. 

  • The technology-based learning gives an idea of future practices. Shortly, the students will be pursuing good jobs. For most jobs, the practice of technology and its use is essential as many sectors are interlinked with technology. The technology-based learning process will allow the learners to understand how the technology works and create an understanding for future practices. 
  • To understand anything, we all need some extra effort. The technology-based learning process provides a better learning experience with the help of audio-visual presentations. It makes the learner understand the topic on a vast note and clears the concept of learning. The audio-visual method is revolutionary in itself. 
  • One of the leading causes, why students drift away from studying is when they find it quite dull. Which mostly vanish when we use the technology with which children nowadays are most associated. They learn better without drifting away and understand the concepts with fun.
  • Due to the access to the internet, technology-based learning gives broader prospects to the students to learn new things in full detail. The internet provides websites and tools for the learning process. 
  • Not just students but also teachers are benefitted from the technology. Technology provides tools accessible by the teachers to create better learning projects for the students and bring innovation to the classroom. 

Top trends you must understand

Information and technology have advanced and taken over the world. Every day we witness innovation and evolution, taking part in the world. Comparably, there has been a lot of revolution in the education stream due to technology-based learning. Some of the trends that are following in the education stream are:

  • The schools now understand that students’ access to a better future is in science, technology, engineering, and maths. Recent reports have classified that schools are promoting STEM as much as possible. The more they encourage students to learn in this stream, the more they can acquire access to modern-day technology.
  • The emphasis on privacy in digital learning is essential for young minds. Privacy is said to be the greatest virtue, and it should not be compromised at all. The internet and its interface are relatively easy to be hacked and manipulate. Thus, privacy has become a crucial trend in today’s digital learning. This could protect the young individuals and create a bond of trust to rely more on technology-based learning without any fear. 
  • Many new technologies are introduced; one of them is “flipped learning.” This learning trend is similar to its name; flipped learning discards the traditional way of learning prospects and invites new ways of learning. This way, students will not only learn new things but would also understand them with much deeper prospects. In this technology, the students are asked to visit the internet, gather meaningful resources at home for their homework, and then complete their work according to their understanding. Also, they can do the assignments in a school with the instruction of their teacher. 
  • Similar to the concept of flipped learning, we have a trend called: virtual learning. This learning method is quite the opposite of flipped learning; whereas flipped learning requires a physical mode, virtual learning is different from it. Virtual learning allows the student to acquire knowledge virtually and without physical appearance. They can study with virtual pre-recorded videos uploaded by their actual teachers. Th virtual learning process also has a feature where the student can ask for any query. Through this process, one can build an understanding of subjects without attending a physical classroom. The only way one could study during the pandemic was through virtual learning. Virtual learning made learning more accessible and fun with learning. 
  • Society is gradually learning new things to understand the world better and make life easier. One way is to learn new things, but it often gets challenging to learn new things if people do not take some time for the courses. Hence, there is a way to discover new digital courses. These courses are specifically available on certain websites, so one could register in classes and start whenever or wherever they wish. Many people who want to learn even after a certain age can acquire these courses from the websites. Digital and media academic courses allow people to attain knowledge without physical participation. Thus, these courses are said to be more convenient for anybody. 
  • There are many issues related to student bullying and unwanted visitor visiting the institute. Hence, recently, a new value-added to technology-based learning is a wearable tech for keeping track of the young individual. Due to the recent increase in crime against the student, wearable tech efficiently records students’ data and keeps track of their location. It also makes the student aware of the unwanted visitors. The wearable technology also allows transactions at the cafeteria and reports bullying. This can be called a mighty help in protecting students and letting them learn freely without fear. 
  • Students tend to get tired and bored in a few minutes of studying, but if the educators created an environment where students could learn and participate in fun games, it would engage the students with studying by more time. The trend is called game-based learning. In-game-based learning teachers create some impressively engaging studying curricula where students participate and learn new things. Students engage with the practice either with the motive of earning a reward or just for fun, but they wholeheartedly participate. Game-based learning also enhances the bond between the teacher and students, and so this trend adds new elements to modern studying technology.
  • Before the technology, teachers did not have much to track the student’s progress, and this became a slow channel of information about the student between the teachers and parents. But as we have technology-based learning, things are progressing. Today, the teacher discusses everything on submitted worksheets and assignments records with the parents. This allowed a better communication channel between the teacher and parents to keep a good eye on students’ progress. 
  • AI(Artificial intelligence) and VR(Virtual reality) are the leading technologies being adopted by many sectors and expanding their way to other sectors. Information and technologies promote artificial intelligence (AI) in the educational stream to allow the students to engage with it and understand its fundamentals. This will gradually increase their insight into the technology, similar to virtual reality(VR), which is recently a trending topic in technology-based learning. This technology is already in the program in schools as an ed-tech, and hence, this will take up the traditional ways of learning in due time. 
  • If we talk about how easy the educational stream is right now due to technology, let us not forget that we are not wasting paper that much due to technology. Before technology-based learning, there was massive usage of papers in the educational stream, which also directed to paper wastage. But since, since we have established the prospects of technology-based learning, the wastage of papers has been minimized. 
  • Teachers are also taking advantage of technology-based learning; they are allowed to have a data analysis about the student’s engagement with the topics. So basically, ed-tech helps students, teachers, and parents participate and learn. 

Keep learning

The new advancement in information and technology has made massive development in the modern era. Though indeed, technology-based learning is not a brand innovation, and thus, this idea was brewing a long time ago. 

But the, technology-based learning had bloomed since the pandemic when there was no other way to continue studying but accepting ed-tech. However, it is noted that there will introduce more trends and technology in the ed-tech in the coming years.  

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