These days, gaming standards have increased enormously. Graphics today are virtually as good as the real world. Characterization and plots are similar to those found in movies. Yet, there’s no shortage of video games out there that are ideal for those who prefer simple gaming. If you are looking for the chance to play a title that doesn’t involve complex controls or in-depth thought, these simple but addictive games are sure to tick all your boxes. 

Crazy Ball 3D

Crazy Ball 3D is simple yet addictive. Just roll the ball as far as you can while avoiding all the obstacles. It sounds easy, but you’re sure to find it harder than you imagined. You’ll suddenly realize that you’ve spent hours trying to achieve your goal! What better way to fill the time?


If you like the idea of an adventure game, but you don’t want to have to spend hours learning the basics, Journey is the one for you. Made by thatgamecompany, this title involves you playing as a hooded, mysterious character who is traveling in the desert towards a mystery light up ahead. You’ll solve some simple puzzles on the way and collect some clues about where you’re heading. This game is atmospheric, beautiful, and often calming, and thanks to its simplicity, it’ll get you hooked before you know it. 

Plants vs Zombies

The premise of this game is pretty silly, however, it’s sure to get you addicted quickly. The principle is to keep out the zombie invaders by using different plants. Each of those plants has its own tricks that it uses to fight zombies such as spitting fruit, exploding on impact, or being difficult to chew. It’s fun and draws you in so that you just can’t quit! It’s also easy enough for even a complete beginner to play without any difficulties. 


The Flower comes from the same company as the one that produced the game Journey, but this is an even simpler and more peaceful title. Low-pressured and relaxing, this video game sees you directly wind currents through wilting flower patches and bringing them back to life. Even if you aren’t comfortable with using a controller, you won’t have any difficulties getting to grips with this game as the movements you’ll be carrying out are delicate and not at all challenging.


Thanks to the simple cartoonish appearance of this title and its fun soundtrack, this video game is rapidly becoming a cult classic. This action-puzzle game sees you rolling a huge ball of stuff about across the floor. Whenever you roll over anything, it becomes a part of the ball and eventually, you’ll roll about an enormous ball of stuff. When it gets better, you can even pick up large items like houses, tractors, and cars. Finally, when you reach the end of a level, your ball will be taken away by the Space King to turn it into one of his galaxy’s stars. It’s weird, but it’s certainly addictive!

Shadow of the Colossus

This second game from Team Ico was released for the first time in 2005 and since then it has become known as one of the simplest yet most addictive games in its genre. Aesthetically pleasing and stylistic, this game is amazingly atmospheric, telling the tale of a young man known as The Wanderer who must find and kill 16 colossi who live in an expanse of desolate land with the hope of resurrecting Mono, a sacrificed girl. With easy-to-grasp controls and a simple yet engaging storyline, even beginners are sure to enjoy this title. 

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout 

Whether you’re playing alone or with your friends you’re sure to find that this title is the ultimate in addictiveness. With its cute, cartoon graphics and simple controls, it couldn’t be easier to understand what you need to achieve in this fun game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. A series of mini-games along the lines of Takeshi’s Castle, this title involves the completion of a set of obstacle courses, with 60 players dropped into each match. Not only will you enjoy the colorful fun of the gameplay but you can enjoy a long or short playing session without having to spend too long concentrating or focusing on your goal. 

Mario Kart 8 (Deluxe)

Even if you’ve never played a racing game in your life, you should have no difficulties getting to grips with this fun-filled title that features the famous Mario. With user-friendly controls, you’ll navigate your vehicle along a course while you race against other popular characters from other Nintendo titles. With plenty of different tracks to choose from, including remastered tracks from the original Mario Kart games, you can play alone or with 3 friends on the same console for an exciting and addictive experience. 

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