Hey, Microsoft Flight Simulator is out! Did you try that already? If you haven’t, you should, it is truly phenomenal. In recent times we have seen quite a several highly successful and popular video games. Games like Call of duty: Warzone, Fortnite, PUBG, FIFA 19, Forza Horizon, Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League, and online poker games offered by providers such as WSOP have set a new benchmark with an increasing number of users.

It is no surprise given that the Gaming industry is growing, and it is growing fast. You would often hear people say how the gaming industry is now a billion-dollar industry.

One of my professors even said that it’s detrimental for productivity, people taking video gaming as a profession. Indeed, the number of competitive gamers have increased tenfold compared to even a couple of years ago.

Undoubtedly, streaming sites like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, etc. deserves much of the credit for taking the industry to such height. Not all of them gets on the list of the greatest game ever, just like the Witcher 3.

So, what makes them so fan favorite, what are the elements? Let’s get at it.

Top Reasons Behind A Game Becoming Popular


Yes, just like every venture, timing is critical. The gaming industry has taken a turn towards the battle royal game. So, games in the past year have been of vast Battle Royale genre.

Again, Microsoft Flight Simulator lets you roam the world while getting the real view of airports, cities, planes. This is a time when people are bound to their homes, so they would jump to it as soon as they can.


The platforms pushing the game, sponsoring it are significant. See how Epic, mainly known for their gaming engine, made a game themselves, promoted it, advertised it in their platform, and now Fortnite has millions of monthly gamers. Remember, angry birds? Apple pushed it, sponsored it. Minecraft, Dota 2, League of legends has their own built communities.

Publishing House!

Name, branding goes a long way! Many times, games get famous just because they are published by big publishers like Ubisoft, EA Sports, etc. See how most of their games are only slight modification of the previous versions yet, they people trip over those. Even Microsoft Flight Simulator has the name Microsoft to catch attention.


If customers enter your shop once, buys everything, and then never comes back, you are not doing a good job. Similar to repetitive purchases, the replayability of a game is crucial. Gamers should keep coming back to the game, it should have that complex structure or that element.

The reason for battle royale games to become such a hit is that. There is no beginning or end to the game, its players vs. players, so they keep enjoying competing.


The game should have easily accessible options. No matter how great of a game you build, if you don’t have other factors, then people won’t merely change their devices to play yours.

There are a handful of platforms now, PC, PS, X-box, Nintendo, Android, iOS. If you are new to the industry, you should plan to make your game compatible with all of it.

Maps of the World

New games focus on making the inner world or their maps very interesting and perhaps very big. Players look at that, they should feel like the game has a whole new world to explore and enjoy.

There should be hidden objects, quests, etc. Just look at GTA 5. Rockstar Games is still milking tons of money from it, just because players still play it for the impressive open-world.


For the present time, interactivity has become almost a must feature in the game. I am telling about both interactive gameplay objects, also the ability to talk, interact with real-life players. People have become tired of the same old social media; they now have shifted their lives to games. Thanks to popular mobile games like Pubgm, Fortnite mobile, free fire, etc. Along with these, games with Augmented Reality like Pokemon Go are now also becoming popular day by day.

Realistic, Relatable

No, I am obviously not saying games should be like the real-life we lead to be successful. I am saying that it must be realistic to the world the game is in based. Maybe it is a fantasy game, but it must have a base, the world the game shows. The progression, gameplay must be logical.

If you have shown a logic at the beginning, you must maintain it all through. The player enjoys when they can match situations. They are also continually looking for excuses to rant about the game, find loopholes. Give them easter-eggs, not your dumbness.


You might be wondering where the most important of all did, the quality of the game goes! It needs no mentioning; the game should be decent enough—obviously great graphics, either beautiful or intensely realistic. Good plot, storylines, intuitive controls, smooth gameplay, addicting soundtracks, all are a must.

It is tough for any developers to match each and every element, and you really can’t say what people will eat and what they won’t. Somehow, if you succeed in pulling everything, you get legendary games like the Witcher. CD Projekt Red will get the benefit of the doubt from the gamers every time they delay releasing Cyberpunk 2077!

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