It’s an absolute bummer when you put in all your effort and time in creating, editing, and uploading a YouTube video on your channel, and yet you struggle to get any views. This, in return, obviously restricts you to gain YouTube subscribers and your goals overall.

As YouTube is the most used video platform worldwide with 2.29 billion users, it’s evident of the fact that it can be hard for you to make your video appear first on YouTube. However, if you use the right strategies to help you rank among plenty of other videos, there’s no doubt you will be able to achieve marketing or whatever goals you have in your mind in a breeze.

Hence, this article will help you rank your YouTube videos fast on the search page, therefore, allowing you to increase watch time and subscribers for your channel. Keep reading!

How to Make Your YouTube Videos Appear First on Search Page?

1.    Do Your Keyword Research Wisely

Many people tend to rush to upload their video on YouTube, however, it’s crucial to first make sure you thoroughly research relevant keywords for your video as they will help in the optimization.

You should start by researching what keywords your competitors are using for a similar kind of video. Then you should look for the automatic suggestions in the YouTube search bar, as they will give you an idea of what most of the audience searches for when they have a query.

When you’re done with these steps, you can then use YouTube SEO tools like YTCockpit and TubeBuddy. Other basic SEO tools such as Ahrefs and Ubersuggest can also help you find relevant keywords and their competitiveness.  

2.    Know Where to Use Your Targeted Keywords

Merely searching for keywords to optimize your YouTube video won’t help until or unless you don’t know where to appropriately use them.

You must add the primary keywords in the title of your video as this will allow the potential viewers to determine the nature of your video.

In addition to this, you should also add these keywords in the description of your video. It’s important to make sure your description is not more than 200 words and is not stuffed with keywords. You should make them read as naturally as possible.

It’s ideal to add keywords in the first 25 words of the description as they are the ones that are shown right in front of a video when someone searches for a video.   

Moreover, the video file on your computer must also include the relevant keywords. YouTube recognizes the relevant videos based on the name of the video file by which it’s uploaded on the platform, hence, you must optimize it as well.  

3.    Customize the Thumbnail of the YouTube Video

Videos that don’t have a customized thumbnail don’t attract the attention of the users much as compared to the ones that come with personalized thumbnails. This, in return, helps the user to decide whether to watch a video or not, which directly influences the number of views.

Hence, to make your video stand out in a crowded search result, it’s vital to customize your thumbnail appropriately. You should use bright colors and text in the thumbnail to attract the user’s attention.

Additionally, an image of the person in the video can also help you give a customized look.

4.    Use Tags Properly

If you want to improve search rank for your YouTube videos, it’s also important to use tags appropriately in your videos. Many people may think that it’s not hard to use tags, however, most of them tend to go overboard which may compromise the purpose.

Hence, it’s suggested to add approximately three to five tags in your videos with primary and secondary keywords. It’s also better not to break down a longer keyword into smaller chunks.

For instance, for a “how to bake chocolate brownies” video, you may naturally use tags like “bake”, “chocolate” and “brownies”, however, it’s recommended to use long-tail keywords like “chocolate brownie recipe”.

5.    Focus on the Quality of Your Content

Last but not the least, you should never lose your focus on the quality of your video content. You can use as many effective YouTube SEO strategies as you want, however, if your content is not top-notch, you won’t be able to gain any views, which is one of the main factors in ranking your video.

Therefore, you should answer all the queries in your video that may be of use to the viewers. For this purpose, you can search other relevant videos on YouTube and check the queries of people in the comment section. Try to address them in your videos.

This will help you automatically get lots of likes, comments, shares, and views on your YouTube video which will ultimately help your video appear on the first page.  

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