What is SEO? Why is it important? I know there are a lot of questions regarding this SEO thing. SEO basically means Search Engine Optimization. It is a tool that helps you in becoming one of the best creators in any sector you are. And this also includes YouTube. YouTube has its own SEO mechanism and it is important for you to understand how important it is. Have a look at this perfect Youtube SEO guide. You need to maintain your YouTube SEO to grow. And here are some effective tips on how to do so –

1. Understand Your Audience

The audience is your main priority when you have to maintain your YouTube channel. Your audience is the key to the success you need on a big platform like YouTube. If you want to know about the best social media platforms to earn from then, Youtube is the answer.

So one of the most impetus ways to grow is understanding your audience. YouTube offers the feature to post almost all types of videos starting from gaming to horror to comedy and lifestyle and many more. But the audience does not like to see all of these. People like to spend time on a certain type of topic for example most people prefer gaming over lifestyle so posting videos related to lifestyle would not be of much help. But first of all, you have to understand what the audience wants to see. 

Before you finalize any topic, research well about what is currently trending. Trending videos are those which are mostly watched by people. Check out what is trending and then make a healthy video on it.

2. Maintain The Title, Description, And Playlist

So the three things named Title, Description, and Playlist need proper maintenance if you have to make your channel trendy. These three things can be described as the three legs out of four which keep the balance. 

Whenever you make a video, primarily it must be something trendy and rich enough to be liked by the audience. But is that enough? Nope. When you make a video, you are going to need a catchy title so that people or the audience feel that your video is worth watching. So here is the trick. You know on what topic your video is based right? So once the video is complete, search for the keyword related to the topic. A list of trending keywords will pop up and you have to make a title using them. 

Similarly, the video description should be enthralling as well. The description should give a basic idea about your video but should maintain the suspense. Then once you have a definite number of videos, make a playlist of them depending upon the keyword so that it would be easy for people to find your videos.

3. A Thumbnail Helps Too

In the previous point, I mentioned that title, description, and playlist are the three legs that support your channel. But the fourth and most important leg is the thumbnail of your videos. 

Thumbnail of your video is the only thing that attracts people to your video. What is a thumbnail? A thumbnail is a picture form your video i.e. it is a picture you use on your video and it gives the details about what your video is going to be. And you will be surprised to know that 88% audience on YouTube watch a video only if the thumbnail is awesome and catchy. And 88% is a big number. 

So you need to make a beautiful and catchy thumbnail for your videos. You can take help from various YouTube videos on how to make a good thumbnail and if you have enough resources, you can hire a professional for the job. But it is mandatory that you prepare catchy and attractive thumbnail for your videos if you want them to be on the trending list.

4. Make Videos Long Enough

I know this point seems a bit odd. But it is true. You need to make your videos long enough so that they can provide the complete info about the topic you have chosen. 

It has been a long-running story that YouTube videos need to be made smaller so that audience sticks to it. It is true in a way but many people take it wrongly. Yeah, you need to make videos a bit smaller but most often these videos are so small that it is unable to provide the complete information about the topic. And it is not a good sign. 

So the best option is to follow the 10-minutes trick which means that you have to make your videos somewhere around a length of 10 minutes. And the first 10-20 seconds will be the decider if your audience will stay or not. So make the start a fiery one!

5. Interact With The Audience

This is probably the best method to increase your SEO, attract an audience, and be on the top. As you know that your audience plays a key role in the success of your channel, you should interact with your audience so that you keep them happy. 

YouTube is a big platform that consists of millions of users from all over the world. And each person has his own choice and taste. So you have to choose the topics of your videos wisely so that your audience never gets disappointed. But it is tough work to know the taste of each and every one. So you have to interact with your audience through the basis features YouTube provides which include the community tab, polls, the comments section, live stories, etc. You can use these to get an idea about so what your audience needs. 

Once you start keeping your audience satisfied, you’ll see a growth in your SEO too! 

These were a few effective tips on increasing your YouTube SEO. Adios!