The fact that good sleep is very important for health is no secret. But can it be improved? Of course. And a smartphone can help us make our sleep healthier.

Sleep as Android

According to, the leader of many ratings is one of the best sleep monitoring apps.

To begin with, the application has a smart alarm clock with tracking sleep cycles, which wakes you softly at the most optimal moment for you to have a pleasant morning. In free mode, it is available only in the test 2-week period, and then you will have to subscribe (the cost is 0,09 – 6,7 USD).

The application is perfectly “friendly” with the smartwatches Pebble, Android Wear, and Galaxy Gear and can read your sleep parameters from these gadgets.

The application keeps statistics of your sleep, may include certain melodies for falling asleep, records your sleep-talking. In the premium subscription, the functions of eliminating the sleep disorder due to a change in time zones and the oximetric early detection of sleep apnea are announced.

Runtastic Sleep Better

This is a smart alarm clock that allows you to track the phases of sleep, allowing you to quickly fall asleep and easily wake up in the right phase to the sounds of nature and light music of the alarm clock. The application also offers to track the phases of the moon, helps to keep a sleep diary and gives a graph of the dependence of sleep quality on daytime activity.

The application is interesting in that in addition to a smart alarm clock, it is possible to keep track of individual habits and characteristics, for example, the consumption of coffee and alcohol, the regularity of physical activity, the stress level, will help to determine the influence of variable factors on the quality and duration of sleep.

Some restrictions may apply for the free version of Sleep Better. To access all the benefits and features of Sleep Better, users may be asked to make an in-app purchase.

Sleep Time – Sleep Cycle Calculator

This application is interesting in that it helps to calculate the best time to fall asleep or wake up.

To do this, you need to set the desired waking time in the application and the smart program will offer sleep time intervals. And vice versa, you can set the time to go to bed and the application will calculate the optimal time for waking up.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Sleep Cycle is an intelligent alarm clock that tracks the features of sleep and wakes you up in the perfect time.

Depending on the phase, you move differently in your sleep. Patented Sleep Cycle technology, using sound or vibration analysis, tracks your sleep and movement patterns in different phases.

Sleep Cycle determines the most suitable time to wake you up in the fast phase of sleep, during the 30-minute interval, the end of which falls on the set alarm time. Usually, when a person gets enough sleep, they easily wake up precisely in the fastest phase.

In the free version, sleep analysis functions, statistics, and customizable alarm periods are available.

Smart Alarm

This application differs from the rest in that in order to turn off the alarm, you have to strain and then you will definitely wake up.

Math test. The alarm clock will offer to solve the math exercise,  and only if the answer is correct, the alarm will turn off. There are 5 difficulty levels – from simple arithmetic to more complex ones.

Vigorous action. To turn off the alarm you have to shake the phone about 10-50 times.

Scan a QR code or barcode. You need to find a random QR code or barcode and set up a camera on it for scanning.

These features are available in the free version. If even such tasks could not wake you up, then in the advanced version two more options are added:

Drawing: you must draw a sketch following the pattern. If you draw correctly, the alarm will be turned off.

Entering text: the alarm clock will offer you a randomly generated set of letters and numbers in the Latin alphabet, which you must enter exactly in the special field.

Good Morning Alarm

Using the accelerometer built into your Android smartphone, the application analyzes the movements in asleep and on the basis of this determines the current phase of your sleep. If you began to move more intensively, then you are approaching the phase of awakening and then a smart alarm will go on.

There is a function of helping to fall asleep – the application will include lulling melodies or white noises before bedtime. You can also set your favorite music to the alarm to get a boost of energy and a good mood in the morning.

Sleep Tracker

In addition to the alarm clock, the application can build quite detailed graphs of your sleep. The sleep analysis section displays each sleep cycle, including the deep phase, as well as the phases of REM, N1, N2, and N3.

The feature set also has a sleep log, additional sleep statistics, etc.

The application is also equipped with a multi-touch timer. Each finger that you touch the screen will increase the delay by five minutes.

White Noise: Sounds for Sleeping

This application helps to relax and dive into a calm sleep. The application library has 30 sounds imitating white noise and a set of natural sounds (logs crackling in the fireplace, rain noise), which also contain white noise. The sound gradually fades, immersing you in healthy and comfortable sleep.


Snoring is a very dangerous thing. In addition to the fact that snoring interferes with others, it is fraught with a temporary stop of breathing in sleep (apnea), which can lead to very serious consequences for the body.

This is the most popular and innovative application of its kind that measures and tracks snoring and helps you find effective ways to reduce it. Every night, the application records and takes into account your snoring analyzes the frequency, intensity and time of occurrence of snoring and gives recommendations to reduce snoring based on these data.


The application was developed for meditation, but relieving stress and bringing oneself in a balanced and calm state contributes to good and quality sleep.

Calm is the perfect app for beginners, and for more advanced users there are stress and emotion management kits. Meditation sessions of different durations – from 3 to 25 minutes – allow you to choose the ideal session duration that matches your schedule.

The set of options includes breathing exercises, tales for adults and already selected and formed meditation courses.