jQuery mobile plugins

JavaScript is a robust web technology for facilitating front-end development. JavaScript, HTML and CSS are considered as viable tools for designing interactive user interfaces of modern websites and web applications. Owing to their usage, developers are able to introduce modern features like sliders, buttons and scrolling effects in to websites.

Today, there are plethora of front-end development development resources available for developers to use in their next projects or for web development process. For eg, AngularJs is a front-end JavaScript framework which extends the capabilities of HTML by extending its syntax. Similarly, jQuery is one such library that allows developers to leverage the power of JavaScript for front-end development. It is basically a JavaScript library which is widely used for implementing the JavaScript functionality in a hassle-free manner. Owing to its open-source nature, a vast community of developers have contributed towards developing a range of jQuery plugins.

As a front-end developer, there is no better alternative than jQuery if you want to implement JavaScript, HTML and CSS features efficiently. jQuery is also highly extensible and thankfully there are thousands of jQuery plugins available to a developer’s rescue.

In the age of online marketing, a website is an effective medium to attract online traffic. Hence, it is important to develop visually-appealing websites which will engage the online visitors and offer them a great user experience. Front-end developers are focussed on designing intuitive and interactive user interfaces that promise to offer a delightful user experience.  So, jQuery is something which no front-end developer can ignore.

Moreover, mobile devices are widely used for internet browsing, online shopping, internet banking and more. Hence, it has become necessary for companies to have their websites and web applications optimized for various touch devices. The good news is that there are already a plethora of jQuery mobile plugins that can assist developers in offering a great mobile browsing experience for the users. So, here I have rounded up some important jQuery plugins which can be used for infusing the right visual elements in to the mobile applications and mobile websites. Alright, so check out this amazing list of 10 Powerful jQuery Mobile Plugins.

1. Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution
Slider Revolution is an intuitive jQuery plugin for including a multi-media content slider in to your website or mobile site. The plugin is optimized for various touch devices, such as tablets and smartphones as well as for popular platforms like Android and iOS. You can integrate this plugin to showcase amazing scrolling effects for your single-page website, a carousel, social stream, menu navigation and more.

2. jQuery Activ’Map Plugin

jQuery Activ’Map Plugin
jQuery Activ’Map Plugin is based on HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 3.0 and Google Maps API Version 3.0. It is a great plugin for leveraging the power of Google Maps on your smart phone for locating places and services of your interest. It features a map with markers and offers custom options to remove/add own categories, places and tags.

3. Megafolio Pro

Megafolio Pro
Megafolio Pro is a powerful jQuery grid plugin with advanced customization options. It is a fully-responsive jQuery plugin which has been optimized for all kinds of smartphones and tablets. Megafolio Pro is suitable for various grid-based applications. It offers a range of dynamic grid layouts for showcasing blogs, image gallery or a full-width media gallery. The plugin infuses an interactive animation solution as well as various transitions and effects.

4. Jquery Flip

Jquery Flip
Jquery Flip is a responsive jQuery plugin that lets you add flip effect on both vertical and horizontal levels. It uses CSS 3D transform effect to allow flipping right-to-left as well as bottom-to-top. It works great in music players or drop-down menu bars.

5. Swiper

Swiper is a modern jQuery plugin for mobile touch slider. The plugin works for iOS and Android platforms. Slider is suitable for designing beautiful touch galleries for portfolio or creative websites. It lets you have cool features, such as 3D effects, parallax transitions, lazy image loading, multi-row slides layout and more.

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6. TouchSwipe

TouchSwipe is a swipe detection jQuery plugin dedicated to touch devices, such as iPads, iPhones, tablets and other smartphones. It detects swipes in all the four directions as well as detects ‘In’ and ‘Out’ pinches. The plugin allows swiping and page scrolling as well as triggers various ‘Start” and ‘End’ events upon touch, swipe and touch release.

7. Owl Carousel 2

Owl Carousel 2
Owl Carousel 2 is a touch-optimized jQuery plugin that allows you to design a beautiful and responsive carousel slider. The plugin offers touch, drag and swipe support with over 60 customizable options.

8. PagePiling.js

PagePiling.js is a modern jQuery plugin for creating a full-fledged scrolling site. The plugin allows piling sections one over another and accessing them by URL or by scrolling. It offers cross-browser support and is compatible with tablets and mobile devices.

9. VideoBackground.js

VideoBackground.js is a lightweight and responsive jQuery plugin for creating a full-page video background by using HTML5 videos. The plugin supports MP4, Webm and other HTML5 video formats. It also offers custom controls for video backgrounds, such as loop, mute or autoplay.

10. jQuery Speedo Popup

jQuery Speedo Popup
jQuery Popup is a fully-customizable and responsive jQuery plugin for displaying pop-up boxes or modal windows. It supports various types of multimedia content inside the pop-up, such as videos, Google Maps, images and forms. The plugin allows an unlimited number of pop-up instances in a single webpage. jQuery Popup also comes with 17 pre-defined CSS3 effects for executing ‘IN’ and ‘OUT’ transitions.

With that we have come to the end of our list. I have tried including some popular jQuery plugins that will aid modern developers in designing interactive user interfaces endowed which will enhance the visual appeal of the websites and web applications.

Let me tell you that some of these plugins support both desktop and mobile version of websites, so you can use them in a variety of contexts. Moreover, a lot of these plugins are available for free while a few of them will cost you a few bucks. But, nevertheless, the results will be great.

As we know that there are several responsive jQuery plugins which offer interactive features for various web applications and mobile sites. If you want to add some more names to the list then you can definitely do so by mentioning their names in the comments section below. Thank you.