There are hundreds of Linux distributions that we can install on our computers depending on our tastes and, of course, our needs.

Entering the world of Linux can be somewhat despondent if we choose a distribution that is difficult to use and does not have a very well-kept user interface, so in this article, we are going to collect the best Linux distributions for beginners.

What is the best Linux distribution for beginners?

There is no easy answer to this question as it will very much depend on what our goal is. However, there are several distributions that we recommend to learn how to use Linux.


Ubuntu is always one of my first choices when I want to install a Linux distribution on my computer since the installation process is straightforward and we also have an application store, so it is not necessary to open the console if we do not want to because the installation and software update can be done from a graphical interface.

On the other hand, Ubuntu has a great community behind. Also, you can easily find developers to help with programming assignments, and if you have any questions about its use on the Internet, there are thousands of articles that will solve your problems.

Elementary OS

Elementary OS is the one I have used for many years and the one I highly recommend. It has a friendly interface that, although somewhat outdated we can leave it very well by making some changes to icons and themes.

It is based on Ubuntu, so the ease of use is the same. It has some bugs, and some things need to be improved, but nothing that cannot be lived with. I work every day with this operating system and also occasionally play a game on Steam. Playing on Linux is possible!


Manjaro is a Linux distribution that you fall in love with. It is beautiful; everything works the first time and is very easy to use. It is based on Arch Linux, thanks to what is always up to date in all versions of the software. Whether you are new to Linux or an experienced user, Manjaro is a distribution that you can use for everything: programming, playing, surfing the Internet, using Telegram, Slack.

Linux Mint

How am I going to write an article about recommended Linux distributions and not mention Linux Mint?

This is another of the distributions that everyone knows and almost everyone has used. It is also based on Ubuntu, so like Elementary OS and many others, it is effortless to use. Also, it has many desktop environments that we can choose for installation like Cinnamon or MATE.


From my point of view, Deepin has ever been known to be very unstable, but the latest version has dropped Ubuntu to build on the stable Debian branch. Thanks to this, Deepin is a very nice and stable distribution that will make the transition to Linux much easier for all those who start in this world.