Are you searching for an easy way to mirror your phone screen to your TV or computer? Fortunately, hundreds of screen mirroring apps allow users to share or cast iPhone or Android screen to another device, like Android to TV, iPhone to PC, etc. This post will share some of the best screen mirroring apps to do phone screen mirroring easily.

  • AnyMP4 Phone Mirror
  • Your Phone Companion
  • AirDroid Cast
  • ApowerMirror
  • Vysor
  • Mobizen Mirroring

AnyMP4 Phone Mirror


AnyMP4 Phone Mirror is a top-notch phone screen mirror app to share your phone screen to a PC or Mac with optimal quality. It supports almost all iOS and Android devices, including iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Sony, HUAWEI, TCL, LG, OPPO, Vivo, and much more. To cast your phone’s display to a computer, you need to download and install AnyMP4 Phone Mirror to your computer.

Aside from screen mirroring, it enables you to record the screen activity on your phone while mirroring, as well as take screenshots. You can capture interesting videos, sweet music, and more with no lag. For further information, you can check the detailed review of AnyMP4 Phone Mirror from TopSevenReviews.

Your Phone Companion


Your Phone Companion for Android is developed by Microsoft and is used to connect Android devices to Windows 10. It can sync what’s happening on your phone to a PC. You can link your Android phone to receive and send text messages, manage phone notifications, access your contacts, share video or music, sync photos, transfer data, and make phone calls on your PC.

The design is clean and attractive, making it easy to use. And this app doesn’t require a wired connection. However, on the downside, it is only available for Android devices and Windows.

AirDroid Cast


AirDroid Cast is a powerful screen-sharing tool that offers the ultimate solution for casting your Android and iOS phones to a Windows or Mac computer, an Android or iOS device, or an Android TV. You can screencast videos, movies, songs, or games from smartphone to PC. 

With AirDroid, you can effortlessly share your phone screen with audio to a computer. 

The best thing about AirDroid Cast is that it allows users to mirror a maximum of 5 devices to a computer at the same time. Besides that, it can be used for remote meetings, online presentations, game streaming and any other purposes. It offers a free trial version for local casting with limited features. To enjoy the full features of AirDroid Cast, you’ll need to upgrade the plan to premium to enjoy all the advanced features.



Another screen mirroring app that we’d like to mention is ApowerMirror. It provides a simple method to mirror your iOS and Android device to a PC. With ApowerMirror, you can perform phone screen mirroring with audio via USB cable or Wi-Fi. More importantly, it lets users screencast four devices maximum simultaneously.

Aside from screen mirroring, this app also supports playing games on your PC without emulators. It can also be used as a phone recorder to screen record iPhone and Android. Meanwhile, you can take a screenshot while screen recording if you need.



Vysor is one of the most popular screen-sharing apps you can use on Android and iOS phones. It enables you to remotely control your smartphone from a computer with a larger screen. With Vysor, you can own high-quality screen mirroring and enjoy full-screen mode.

Vysor offers convenient ways to control Android and iOS devices using a mouse or keyboard via USB or Wi-Fi. And it is fully compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. However, Vysor is not free to use. It has three plans: $2.50 per month, $10 for a year, and $40 for a lifetime.



Mobizen is a powerful mobile phone screen mirroring application designed to share Android’s screen on a bigger screen or access the control of your device using a Windows PC or Mac. To mirror your phone screen to a PC, you just need to download Mobizen on both devices, and then you can start sharing the content on your phone. Moreover, it also supports streaming video and music and transferring photos and other files between your phone and PC.


Whether you’re trying to expand the phone screen or remotely control your device, phone screen casting apps make it incredibly easy to share the screen of your iOS and Android phone. Our recommendation apps to mirror the screen of Android and iOS endow various features to impress, and you can try either one of these for smooth phone screen mirroring. If you do phone screen mirroring often, you might need an advanced app like AnyMP4 Phone Mirror or ApowerMirror to fulfill your needs.

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