In a not-so-distant past, you had to depend on developers and web designers if you wanted to build any type of webpage online. But with the emergence of page builders, this situation has changed tremendously. These useful tools allow anyone to design and style their website with complete ease. In fact, even if you’re a complete WordPress novice with no coding knowledge whatsoever, you can build and customize your own layouts through the builders’ intuitive drag-and-drop system. However, page builders aren’t only convenient for beginners – even more experienced developers can use them to speed up the process of building websites for their customers.

There are both free and premium builders available – some contain more basic options, while others come packed with plenty of modules and widgets perfect for a smooth page building experience. Without further ado, here are our top 7 picks of some of the best WordPress page builders you can find on the web.

1. WPBakery Page Builder


Powering over 2 million websites across the globe, it’s safe to say that WPBakery is among the most popular page builders out there. One of the many reasons for this plugin’s tremendous popularity is its convenience of use. Namely, depending on your requirements, you can choose whether you want to customize and manage all the elements in the backend editor or see them live on your frontend. In addition, for only $45, you will get 50+ built-in content elements and over 100 full-page and section templates that will make the process of building your pages even easier and quicker. Moreover, there’s also a huge community dedicated to making third-party WPBakery addons. There are 250+ addons as of now, which makes it a page builder with the biggest number of extensions.


Bridge, a creative multipurpose WordPress theme that uses WPBakery Page Builder and Elementor Page Builder

2. Elementor


With its launch in 2016, Elementor is a relatively new page builder that has already reached a whopping number of 4+ million active installations on It comes with flexible styling options and a fast interface that makes for a fun and easy website building experience. Also, another convenient thing about using Elementor is that you get to see exactly what your page will look like live while building it.

The Pro version of Elementor offers some additional cool features (the prices starting at $49), such as the Theme Builder (that allows you to design your entire site, including header and footer, custom post types, WooCommerce product/shop pages, and more) and a Popup Builder with which you can build any type of popup (like email subscriptions, login forms, promotion and sale banners, and so on).


Foton, a multi-concept tech theme that uses Elementor page builder

3. Beaver Builder


With over 400.000+ active installations, Beaver Builder is a popular WordPress drag-and-drop page builder that is easy to use and allows you to create beautiful websites with no coding skills required. There are multiple content modules that will allow you to add any type of content you like, as well as built-in templates that will help you get an easier head-start and quicker finish. There is both free and premium version of Beaver Builder plugin, with the cheapest price starting at $99.


Hestia PRO, a multipurpose WordPress theme that uses Beaver Builder

4. Divi Builder


Made by Elegant Themes, Divi is another noteworthy drag and drop page builder suitable for both pros and novices alike. This page builder is largely used as part of the Divi theme, but it can also be used with other WordPress themes. As of Divi version 4.0, you can also use it to design your website to the fullest, including header, footer, and templates. Also, you can choose whether you want to build your pages from the frontend or backend. Yearly access pricing starts at $89, while lifetime access costs $249.


Divi theme, a multipurpose WordPress theme that uses Divi Builder

5. Themify


This powerful WordPress page builder is included in all Themify themes, but can also be used with any other WordPress theme. There are more than 60 premade layouts and animation effects that come with Themify builder, which means you can build your pages quickly and effortlessly. Just like Divi, Themify allows you to make live edits both from your frontend and backend.

You can use the Themify builder plugin for free, with the option to purchase the addon bundle for $39.


Ultra, a multipurpose WordPress theme that uses Themify builder

6. Page Builder by SiteOrigin


With more than 1 million active installs under its belt, Page Builder by SiteOrigin is another popular WordPress page builder that comes both with a free and a premium version (at a price of $29). This plugin also uses a simple drag-and-drop system which means you don’t have to use a single line a code while building. You can easily create responsive grid-based pages that will be beautifully displayed on all types of devices, including mobile phones. SiteOrigin is enhanced with the Widget Bundle plugin, which gives you everything you need for page building, including Google Maps, sliders, image grid, price table, and more.


Vantage, a multi-purpose WordPress theme that uses Page Builder by SiteOrigin

7. Live Composer


Live Composer is an open-source WordPress page builder plugin, which means you can download it completely for free – you only need to type in your name and email address. But despite being free, Live Composer still offers plenty of features for page building, including 30 content modules and a drag-and-drop system. In addition, you can get live previews of all your pages while editing them on your frontend.

If you want, you can buy a $49 extension package (that features extensions such as Google Maps, animations, gallery images, contact form, etc.), and the Woocommerce integration for the same price.


Anna, a creative multipurpose WordPress theme that uses Live Composer page builder


And there you have it – a list of what we think are some of the best WordPress page builders you can find on the web. Some can be downloaded for free, some come with additional pricing options which provide further extension, while others require payment by default. Whatever the case may be, all of these page builders contain more than enough site-building features and are bound to help you create beautiful and responsive websites, no matter if you’re a coding pro or a complete newbie. That being said, you have to determine your budget and requirements first before making a final decision.