There has been a lot of news over the last years regarding the whistleblowing system and what that would entail for companies all over. Not only is it a way to build trust and show transparency, but also a must for any company wishing for a thriving future. By law, it is a necessity, and it is important for all business owners to stay up to date about their countries’ laws. Each country will have a slight difference, and there are updates happening all over. 

Keeping the whistleblower anonymous and safe

Let’s first state the obvious. Every employee of a company should always feel heard and protected. By installing a whistleblowing system, like the system here, will ensure all employees that they are in a good work environment. When this type of system did not exist, a whistleblower would not be protected from harassment. This would also mean that a lot of issues that probably should have been reported, never were. 

The positive impact of the whistleblower system

Any head of any business should want serious issues reported, without being informed, there is no way to grow and improve. This will also lead to better communication in the workspace. With so many horrible news stories regarding harassment or other serious matters, it is detrimental to be on the right side. By doing so, you are making a difference and a better workday for everyone involved. No employee should ever feel timid or afraid to let their voice be heard if wrongdoings are happening. 

What exactly does the law state regarding this system?

From the 17th of December 2021, all businesses across Europe with more than 250 employees need to have the whistleblowing system installed. This law may vary according to which country your business is placed. This is why it is very necessary to always follow any new updates that may happen. It is better to be in the know, otherwise, you might regret it later. It is natural to wish for an organically safe and happy workplace, but this is not always the case. Having a platform where everyone can feel comfortable to be heard will help make a happy work environment happen. 

Showing that your company is transparent and a secure place

There are many ways a company can show the world that they are honest and trustworthy. Using a whistleblowing system as a platform is a great way to do so. This will provide mutual respect and honesty between the people. If employees work in an environment where they feel trapped, or afraid to speak up it is not easy to do the best work. This could also lead to a lot of unwanted stress, again leading to sickness and sick leave. By offering a safe space, a company will help reduce this stress. Work can be stressful enough for many individuals, there is no need to add to this. When an employee starts the workday, there should be no concern for wrongdoings by others at the office. 

The different requirements that are needed for a whistleblowing system.

In order for a report to be accepted for a whistleblower system, there are several things that need to be met. The first one is highly important. The absolute guarantee that the whistleblower is kept anonymous and private. Helping the whistleblower stay safe is key. There are also timeframes that need to be met in order for everything to go correctly. Timeframes that will let the parties involved know when to provide proof and when to end the case in hand. To make sure everything is done properly, an impersonal person also needs to overlook the case. 

Will the whistleblower always be anonymous?

There are two different ways a whistleblower can file a report of wrongdoings. They are called anonymous and confidential reporting. Let us first talk about anonymous reporting, this is also the type that has been mentioned previously. By filing an anonymous report the whistleblower will stay 100% anonymous. The identity of the whistleblower will not even be revealed to the person receiving the report. Though, there is always a risk of exposure when handing in the proof that is needed in order to file the report properly. 

What is confidential reporting?

When a whistleblower files a report this way they make a report with their own identity. But all the while doing so, knowing that their identity will not be shown to anyone except for the authorized people for the job. The whistleblower will always have full protection from the instant the report has been filed. The identity of the whistleblower will only be revealed if fully necessary and only to the trusted people. Both confidential reporting and anonymous reporting are accepted under the EU directive.

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