Of all the operating systems that are used in the mobile industry, android enjoys the largest installation base. These days, many mobile users prefer to use devices that are running an android OS, which is a primary reason why android devices are selling more across the globe in comparison to iOS devices.

Therefore, web developers have a huge task when designing for mobile users because they have to focus on what the majority of the users need, including apps and websites for android devices. With that in mind, there are applications that you must learn to use when designing for mobile users so as to ensure that your applications are being used by majority of mobile users:

1. Google Analytics

Developing an application is not the most important bit for web developers. Once you are done with web development, you will need to monitor how well it is doing so that you know if it has been a success or failure in the market. Google Analytics is what you will need to ensure that you can do this. The application gives you site statistics through which you can learn about your analytics web and app information. This can be done on your phone through the Google Analytics app, which has been optimized for all smartphones and tablets, making it easier to retrieve all the information you need pertaining to your applications even when you are on the go.

2. AndFTP

This is a client app that allows web developers to transfer files to their web server through different protocols including FTP, SFTP, FTPS and SCP. With this app, you can set up different servers for your designs. It also comes with an FTP file browser and a device file browser, both of which can be seen on the device and the remote server as well. Web developers can also rename, copy, set permissions, delete and create folders, just like you do on a typical FTP client.

3. kWS– Adroid Web Server

This one is a basic web server that will run on your android device. Good thing with kWS is that it is light weight and very fast, meaning that you can count on its speed when loading files even from a local Wi-Fi connection.

4. Learn HTML5

Many web developers already know about HTML5 and how to use it, but this application has a lot more to offer web developers who are developing for android devices. To start with, this app contains a list of all the elements you will use in HTML5, and clear explanations for them all which enables you to know what you need to do for any project that you are working on. You should be able to see the source code and the browser clearly as well. If you are struggling with memory issues, this is the app to use, especially if you want to increase your work rate without hassles. It will act as your guide, and provide you with all the tools you need for a quick and effective project.

5. Fontest

This is a very useful app for web development and typography. It can help you see what your preferred fonts for your website or blog page will look like on an android device quickly and accurately. With Fontest, you get 6 free high quality fonts, and you get to enjoy great support for adding your own OTF and TTF fonts. The app supports smooth font resizing too, and you can routinely display your texts. Therefore, if you use this app, you will no longer have to worry about the fonts you need to use on a certain app, as all the support and help you need will be proved through this app.

6. 920 Text Editor

This is the best app to use for viewing and editing your code from anywhere you may be. Web developers no longer need to sit still until the project is done. The good thing about 920 text editor is that it is extremely fast, which makes it a great choice if you would like to make changes to any of your applications quickly.

7. Hackers keyboard

If you are missing a keyboard, this is an app that you definitely need to consider installing. Using it is just the same as using the keyboard on your laptop or desktop computer. The keyboard has separate keys for numbers, and all the punctuation marks are in the right places. Web developers will get a 5-row desktop experience when designing, with language and layout options that will make designing much easier. There are arrow keys too, just like on any normal keyboard. Use the arrow keys for navigation and the Tab/Ctrl/Esc keys the way you usually would when you are building your applications. There are so many other keyboard apps available right now, but this is the only keyboard app that has been designed specifically for coding.

8. WordPress for Android

This is another amazing app that web developers will find great to use when designing android devices. Sometimes you will need to create and consume content on the go, which can be difficult, but has been made easy thanks to WordPress for android app. If you would like to tweak your website or blog pages, this is the app that you need as it makes editing easy and fun. You can also use it to write, to edit and also to publish posts to your website. You can also check the statistics of your website, as well as access other posts for your inspiration through the built-in reader. Good thing is that the app is open sourced.

Designing for android devices gets better when you have all the tools you need in order to make your work easy and to get the results you desire. Therefore, web developers need to familiarize themselves with some of these apps so that they can get all the necessary help and support they need to design android apps.