After the announcement of Metaverse by Mark Zukerberg, the world is gradually welcoming it by adopting some of the best metaverse games. If you don’t know what metaverse is, then allow us to introduce the new term to you all. 

So, the metaverse is basically a combined system of the virtual world that exists even after you have finished playing games. Additionally, the majority of these virtual worlds are linked with AR and VR for improving the experience of gamers. 

Also, there are several metaverse games that involve ownership of NFTs, a token that is soring tremendous heights with each passing day. These tokens are completely virtual and unique. The unique concept of this game is new to people as well as avid gamers.

Therefore, in this blog, we are going to walk you through the list of top metaverse games that you can play today.  

Top Metaverse Games To Play

Recently, the metaverse is a word of discussion in the world of digital technology. Over the years, it was always visualized in science fiction, literature, and cinema. However, an individual with no knowledge about it will consider it another technology fad and pass it off significantly. But, the increase in metaverse gaming lists has proved it wrong. So, let’s explore these games in detail.  


The first in the list of metaverse games is the Sandbox. It is a virtual world that enables you to create, take ownership, and even capitalize on monetization prospects using your gaming experience. It is centered on the Ethereum blockchain and is yet in its early stage of development. However, it is very successful in garnering players with its appealing design and gaming experience. 

Since it is the most popular metaverse game, its crucial aim is to disrupt other existing games like Roblox and Minecraft. It has the unique ability to highlight actual ownership to creators in the form of NFTs. Additionally, for players who participate in its gaming ecosystem, Sandbox gives them unique rewards. With a 7 percent share in the metaverse market, it has become the most popular game these days.

One of the best things about this metaverse game is that as a player, you can develop games of your own. It provides an improved experience that helps you in generating content through smart contracts and blockchain.   

Axie Infinity

Another in the metaverse gaming list is Axie Infinity. It is one of the leading metaverse games that was launched in 2018 but rose to fame recently. You can earn a tremendous amount of money by playing this game. This makes it a hallmark in the gambling sector of NFT. 

Its foundation was an inspiration taken from Pokemon. It contains the Axie of digital collectible, a unique creature with specific features. In the game, you have to fight with other Axies and earn rewards using your gaming experience. It has a market cap of $9 billion.  


Illuvium is a blockchain-based open-world role-playing game that enables you to explore its enormous environment and acquire sturdy monsters called “Illuvials.” Although it is not yet released, it has a $100 million currency value that allows us to include it among the top metaverse games you can play. 

Its samples presented by its creators have proved amazing so far. Its stunning visuals, vibrant setting, and fluid gameplay have made it interesting for many gamers. 


Sorare is the perfect example of opening the world to new possibilities. Sorare is a football NFT game developed on the foundation of Ethereum Blockchain, consisting of over 180 football clubs. It enables players to buy cards, represent the players and create a team. When the player performs well in a real match, it enables the cardholders to earn rewards by creating new cards every week. 

It is definitely a top pick among online metaverse games with exceptional ease of use. You can easily create an account on the game just by using your email. Sorare also allows players to purchase NFT cards with the help of debit or credit cards and through bank transfers.   


Ultra is probably the first blockchain ecosystem, which is an entertainment platform offering blockchain-enabled systems in different games. The best thing about this metaverse game is that it is capable of scaling the network effortlessly among more than 12000 transactions each second. 

It also provides you access to both centralized and decentralized services like discovering, purchasing, playing, and selling games, and in-game items. You can interact with your favorite influencers and watch live-stream feeds along with competing in tournaments and contests. It features a native ERC-20 token called $UOS. They are available in Uniswap, Bancor Network, Kucoin, Bitfinex, and Bitrue. Furthermore, it allows users to interact with entertainment services using new Defi applications.


MANA coin, a cryptocurrency, lately rose to tremendous popularity in metaverse games. It consists of Decentraland is the first world to be completely decentralized. Similar to Sandbox, it allows you to create, engage, construct, explore, and do many other things in its ecosystem. 

However, you might need a virtual currency like Metamask and your favorite web browser to get started with this game. Once you have gained access to it, you can begin exploring this digital environment or engage in events, or communicate with other users.  


Chromia is not just a game but a complete gaming studio that has its hand in creating games like Mines of Dalarnia. Apart from games, they are involved in other projects that will expand further. You can have more game launches in the future.  


Just like Chromia, Gala is another Blockchain studio that has developed and released a bunch of games like Townstar, Simulation game, and SpiderTanks. It also offers you a platform to buy and sell in-game items using a native token known as Gala. 


With the rising popularity of metaverse, one can easily expect it to garner headlines in the coming years. Even entrepreneurs are thinking of jumping into the trend before it gets too late. The Metaverse game is bringing NFTs into the equation and giving you control of the gaming experience. So, expect its growth and go with the flow to always stay on the trend. 

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