With businesses around the world striving hard to build the most influential mobile app, the idea of becoming a mobile app developer comes with immense amount of perks. This is the most exciting time for you to become a seasoned iOS or Android mobile app developer. Online market is booming with apps making enormous success. Also the global revenue for mobile app business is predicted to hit $189 billion by 2020.

With such high scope in the future, becoming a developer could be lucrative dream. The first step to become an app developer is to sign up for educational courses available online. There are a myriad of resources out there to get you started on your mobile development career. Listed here are top 10 considerable online mobile app development courses.

1. Learn to Build Mobile Apps With React Native – Eduonix Learning Solutions

Build apps for the future with this React Native course. Using a combination of theory and practical, you’ll learn how to get started building mobile apps from scratch with are not only perfectly responsive but also work across all operating systems. You won’t have to worry about writing the same code for multiple platforms and instead can actually focus on the crucial aspects of your apps.

Required Level: – Basic Knowledge of JavaScript is required for completing the course

Cost: – $40 for lifetime access to the course

Find it here: – Eduonix React Native Course

2. Android Apps Development Nanodegree by Google – Udacity

Coming from Google, this is a course that will take you through all learnings necessary to become a professional Android Developer. This is a 2-part program. The first part will help you learn how to build connected apps that are responsive and how you can incorporate different types of media to your apps.

The second section tackles advanced development , Google’s own design language factors and how includes capstone project. At completion, you can opt for Google certification.
The course is very easy to understand and you get the support of a community with accomplished developers.

After successful accomplishment, you will be able to understand cloud based android app, layouts and design, responsive structures and data recovery management.

Required level: – Intermediate level in Java programming experience

Cost: – 1st phase – INR 17300/- 2nd phase – INR 20300

Find it here: – Udacity Android Development Nanodegree by Google

3. Mobile App Development Training – Xamarin University

This course from Xamarin is designed to train those aspiring developers who need introductory level knowledge to Android and iOS platforms. It helps get them started with cross-platform mobile app development in C#.

Xamarin enables unlimited access to a live mobile app development course so that learners can schedule course training in their respective time zone At the end of the course, developers can attempt for the Xamarin Certification Exam to become a Xamarin Certified mobile developer. It involves no additional charges.

Required Level: – Basic knowledge in programming with C#

Cost: – $1,995 per year

Find the course here: – Xamarin Mobile App Development Training

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4. Android Development Tips Weekly series on Lynda

Conducted by David Gassner, this is tips-and-techniques course series that teaches you general app development expertise. Each week, David Gassner shares useful tips and technical details to accelerate your coding process, improve app functionality, polish and enrich your apps and make them user-friendly.

After getting through the tutorials, developers will gain refined understanding on developing better app user interface, backend process, agile coding and open source libraries.

Required Level: – Beginner to Intermediate

Cost: – Starting from $19.99 after 30-day free trial

Find all of it here: – Android development tips

5. Mobile App Development for Beginners on Udemy

If you dream about being a flawless iOS mobile apps developer, Dee Aliyu Odumosu’s mobile app development course on Udemy could be a great guide for you. Here you learn Swift 3 and Xcode 8 programming and methods to customize 10+ iPhone apps.

The course consists of easy step-by-step instructions and also covers basic app elements like Auto layout, multisize icons, memory issues, storyboarding and advanced classes.

Required Level: – Familiarity with Mac and iOS platform

Cost: – $10.99

Find it here: – mobile app development course

6. Training for Android Developers from Google

If you aspire to become a well-defined Android app developer with all the basics properly grasped, Google’s official video training module is all you need. It helps you learn a good deal about Android app development from scratch. The course is totally free and offers flexibility in choosing the direction.

Once you complete the entire course, you can develop everything from basic apps to more advanced apps with multimedia, fine content sharing, cloud connectivity and location integration, etc. You can even create apps for smart watches, automobiles and TV.

Required Level: –
Knowledge of basic programming
Access to Android SDK

Cost: – Free

Access the Course Here: – Getting Started with Android Development

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7. Developing iOS Apps (Stanford University)

Prepared by Paul Hegarty, this iOS development course helps iOS developers learn in depth the basics of iPhone and iPad app development process and boosts their acquaintance with the tools and APIs required to build iOS applications is less than 10 weeks.

The course provides authentic details on enhancing user experience through multi-touch technologies, core animation, device power management, bonjour networking and more. It also walks learners through the latest iOS features like iCloud, streamlined notifications and wireless syncing.

Required Level: –
Basic understanding of C language
Level 106B/X Programming experience

Cost: – Free

Find it here: – Developing Apps for iOS

8. Building Mobile Applications (Harvard University)

This free course is basically meant for those who want to learn how to build native apps for iOS using Xcode and iSO SDK. Integrated in Harvard’s computer science module, Android enthusiasts can also learn to use eclipse and Android SDK to build apps for Android platform.

In addition to this, it also enables subscribers to learn coding web apps for Android and iOS.

Required Level: –
Fundamental awareness of both platforms
Access to Android SDK and iOS SDK

Cost: – Free

Find the course details Here: – Building Mobile Apps

9. iOS App Development with Swift Specialization on Coursera

Designed by the University of Toronto, this can be ultimate resort for learners who want to master iOS app development with Swift language. Parham Aarabi conducts the training course and teaches how to use Xcode to design interactive and attractive interface and build fully functional apps for iOS platform.

After completing almost 6 weeks of it, joiners can find themselves competent enough to develop apps for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. The course tutorial involves best development practices that help you master the concepts of Swift coding.

Required level: –
Good familiarity with Mac system
Some experience in iOS app development

Price: – $49 per month post 7-day free trial

Find it here: – iOS development course

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10. Building Mobile Experiences (edX)

This unique course provides competitive training to developers and focuses on various elements pertaining to mobile app design and UI. Subscribers can learn how to code a mobile app, create an engaging app design and evaluate mobile user experience.

At the end of 12 weeks, developers get the idea of the HCI design process, and can even make an outstanding app and realize its real-life usage. The best part is, you can also share your creations and collaborate with developers across the globe.

Required Level: – Some experience with Java or Objective C Programming

Cost: – Free

Access the Course Here: – Building Mobile Experiences

11. Build a Simple Android App with Java (Treehouse)

Last but not the least for simple Android app learners. Ben Deitch’s online course consists of basic concepts of Android SDK and explores ways of Android programming. It helps course participants build simple apps for Android platform with Java.

You don’t need to have any prior knowledge, though. It is quite suitable for budding developers working on Android platform. In the end, learners will foster functional knowledge of how to make a simple app and how a basic app works.

Required Level: – No prior knowledge needed

Price: – starting from $25/month

Find it here: – Build a simple Android app with Java

Conclusion: –
To build a successful mobile app requires intense sessions of learning, of course. Above are some of useful courses you can avail to enhance your mobile app development insight and skills. You will find many other online courses, free and paid, that help create highly functional, engaging app. Research deeply before you settle for a suitable and reliable learning course for mobile app development on iOS and Android platform.