Spanish is the language of love, art, and passion. Today more and more people choose the language to be the first foreign language to learn. It is a good choice as Spanish-speaking countries are developing very fast, they open a huge variety of business and leisure opportunities.

Knowing the basic words and phrases in Spanish you can speak to people from over thirteen countries from the continents like Latin America, Europe, and Asia. The language opens doors to understanding the cultures of these countries. It helps to get deeper into the understanding of Romance languages. Trying to study a language alone is a nice try, but what about little help? We have prepared for you a list of excellent Spanish online courses of 2021 that will help you overcome the communicative barrier and boost the knowledge of the language.


It is one of the biggest platforms for online learning that offers a wide range of Spanish courses. Udemy is popular among the people who already work as designers, marketing managers, etc. They use the platform to boost the career by learning another foreign language.

Udemy proposes the courses for beginners mostly. There you can sort them by rating, length of the course and the price.


Eduonix is a wide-known provider of online courses that help over 40M people per month. They have courses for learning Spanish as well. You can start a course on Eduonix as per your skill levels. There are courses for beginners, intermediates, courses for particular niches.

Spanish Bundle is a special bundle on Eduonix that explains every single detail of the language through multiple courses stacked together. The bundle is for beginners, so if you are making your first steps – join that, and the result will be quick.


The platform provides services of language learning for more than ten languages, and Spanish is among them. Babbel has a subscription that allows you to use courses on different devices and platforms. It also has a cool blog where you can read the top practices and tips on learning Spanish. Many Europeans use Babbel to learn a foreign language, so you can try it as well!


Busuu is an application for language learning. It has different courses in Spanish and other languages that you might be interested in. The developers claim that twenty-two hours of learning the language in Busuu are equal to one semester of college language study. You can deny it or prove it – just need to try.


Preply is the platform where you can find Spanish tutors online. The thing about this one is that the teachers you choose offer their programs and course of Spanish learning. You can book a trial lesson from any of the teachers to make sure that you like the teacher and the program. 


Fluently in the online language courses that propose a 14-day free trial. Paying for one account allows you to learn all the other languages of the platform. They have a word look-up on every word a cool blog, and so many video tutorials that the pricey subscription will seem reasonable.


This is the Russian platform for language learning. Originally it was designed for people who want to study English, but now it offers a great range of subjects to learn. Skyeng offers its courses in Spanish: you will have a tutor to communicate with, share stories, and learn the language. The courses are not pricey, and if you are a business owner, you can buy a corporate subscription to improve your employees’ level of Spanish.


There are ways so many ways to learn Spanish effectively and attending online courses is one of them. The post-pandemic world still prefers online education to offline one, and the tendency is going full speed.

Choosing an online course for your Spanish learning is hard: you have to take into account many features. Before deciding on this or that course consider:

  • reviews;
  • price;
  • length of the course;
  • the level you want to achieve.

There are other features that you might consider when choosing online courses of Spanish to attend. The main thing you have to keep in mind that if you don’t spend enough time on practice, you will never get to the level you want to be.

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