The rapid digital advancement that’s being witnessed nowadays has had a huge impact on our lives, completely changing the way we interact with technology. The dawn of the digital age has brought about impeccable changes in many sectors in society; these days, everything from healthcare, entertainment, retail, and many more industries rely on tech in one way or another. What’s more, consumers probably utilize this advanced digital software without even realizing it. Consequently, major stakeholders in many industries have to stay up-to-date with what’s relevant in the world of software development. 

In order to ensure that a business stays afloat in a competitive market, it has to make use of excellent software development techniques. While large corporations may have the financial muscle to make this happen, it may prove to be a big challenge for small businesses. That’s where DevsData comes in; they provide exceptional services when it comes to software development for startups in 2020.

Top Software Trends That Will Make The Most Noise In 2020 & Beyond!

The world of software development is constantly morphing; thus, businesses need to keep up with these transformations in order to ensure they remain relevant in a highly digital world. Given how software development technology has become pretty much accessible in recent years, here are the top software trends that we can expect to see in the year 2020.

Widespread Use of Blockchain

Blockchain is a system of recording information in a manner that makes it less susceptible to manipulation and theft. This technology didn’t receive much attention for a while until it was announced as the technology behind Bitcoin. Although Blockchain may seem limited to the financial sector, it can have multiple functions in other industries including logistics, healthcare, real estate, e-learning, and insurance. Since blockchain technology is a peer-to-peer network, it can be utilized to create smart contracts that are transparent and tamper-proof. What’s more, blockchain tech is gaining so much traction that it is estimated to have a market share of over $50 billion in the next five years.

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Outsourcing Professionals

With the world becoming increasingly digitized, it’s easy for a brand to deviate from its main agenda and focus more on IT. Many corporations have invested heavily in building the perfect tech team; this can be quite financially draining, especially to non-tech companies. For this reason, many firms have opted to outsource professionals who’ll take over peripheral roles such as programmers. In addition, the Coronavirus pandemic has also popularized remote working, which promotes the outsourcing of various tech personnel. 

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Progressive Web Applications

Most apps are usually native apps – it means that each one is created for a specific codebase such as Android and iOS. However, creating and maintaining such applications can be rather expensive. Fortunately, for those who’re restricted by a tight budget, Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) are just as good and a lot more affordable to make. They’re prompt, secure, and up-to-date; thus, you won’t be sacrificing much when creating these types of applications. PWAs are a lot more affordable to maintain since they use only one codebase and can be installed on a device via the website. Companies such as AliExpress and Twitter have gained incredible success from using these sorts of applications; they can help improve customer engagement and feedback which is vital for the growth of any business. 

Improved Cybersecurity

Organized cybercrimes cost businesses more than $6 trillion every year. With criminals devising smarter ways of stealing, there has been an increase in the need for cybersecurity. Given that businesses stand to lose a lot from cyber-attacks such as leaks, fraud, malware, and phishing, there is an apparent need for improved cybersecurity, now more than ever. Owing to this, we’re likely to see new, innovative ways in which companies will protect their data from manipulation in the near future. 


There are definitely a lot of advancements happening in the technological front, bringing about brilliant ways to communicate and conduct business. These advancements also bring about excellent cost-effect alternatives to some commercial processes. Therefore, we’re likely to see many companies take up these modern solutions in order to improve their businesses. Although the software trends provided above only scratch the surface, they’ll certainly help you gain headway when it comes to utilizing modern technology in businesses.