Your customers are eager to find quick and useful answers to their questions, and if the helpdesk isn’t helping much, they almost always – either turn their backs and leave the site, or look for quick communication methods such as a live chat system.

Live chat is very convenient, even if you’ve got to wait for a couple of minutes before an operator becomes available, we already know it’s how it works because we’ve tried to call different companies before, and sometimes you do have to wait in line.

Userlike is a professional live chat system solution that aims to provide live chat functionality to both beginners, and experienced webmasters. Their choice of colors seem to suggest that the company is peaceful, can be trusted, and aims to provide a good product experience.

You can experience this product by signing up for a free 14 days trial. After this period you can choose the free plan with space for one operator, 20 chats and unlimited offline messages, or any of the paid plans starting at 29 euros with unlimited access to Userlike features.

Userlike’s live chat is a SaaS software and can be integrated into any website by copy and pasting your unique code into your site. You can chat with a browser chat client from the Userlike dashboard, or from an IM client from your desktop or smartphone. Userlike is a German-based company and focuses on the European market. The frontend of its software is available in all EU languages.

The official Userlike documentation page covers a set of tutorials on how to install the widget, how to access the dashboard, and generally how to use the software for the benefit of yourself. I like that the documentation has a list of major eCommerce systems, as well as some of the most popular blogging platforms. It helps to have all those snippets at your disposal!

In terms of features, there is quite a bit to be had as a customer of Userlike, I won’t be detailing everything, but here is the general list of features that you’ll get by using Userlike live chat system on your website:

  • API
  • Analytics
  • Social Media Integration
  • Proactive Invites
  • Macro Functionality
  • Surveys
  • Ratings
  • SSL & Data Security

the company did get some seed funding, but the amount hasn’t been disclosed. I think that the guys behind Userlike need to continue with the focus on simplicity and accessibility, it’s definitely one of the most ‘plain’ live chat platforms that I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and it seems to be working really well.


I feel like I would recommend Userlike to my friends who’ve just started out with building websites, and loyal customers. It’s simple enough for anyone to understand, but has nice enough features for pro’s to be using the platform as well. What do you think, does Userlike looks like a platform that you would find yourself using on your business website?