PHP Cake Framework

PHP Cake Framework is a free, open source and fast web development framework. It provides a foundational structure for web programmers to create web applications. It is good because a web programmer can develop a website quickly, without losing flexibility or hindering their creativity. It is also good because it takes monotony out of web development, making it easy and fun for web programmers. It requires less codinge too, therefore you can be sure to always finish your projects faster and in a simple way. You can use PHP Cake Framework to build both small and complex systems in an effortless manner, giving you great results after every completion.

If you have the basic knowledge of HTML and PHP, you can easily and quickly build websites using PHP Cake Framework. This is one of the most popular frameworks in use today and it powers some of the best websites you will find on the web worldwide. This tool is very easy to learn, after which you can build any kind of website you would like. It has very clean conventions and in-built securities, therefore you will not have to worry much but only focus on your application.
For beginners, this is a very useful and easy framework to work with as it offers very potent software design patterns and controllers that are simple and quick to configure and set up.

To be able to use PHP cake Framework to build apps, this is what you need:
1. A web server that is already running
2. A database server
3. Basic PHP knowledge
4. Basic knowledge on MVC programming pattern

There are so many benefits which come with the use of Cake PHP, which is the reason why it is better than some of the other PHP frameworks that are available in the industry. Some of these benefits include:
Why Cake PHP
1. It is very easy to code because of its so many practical guides and detailed documentations that are available along with the framework. Every information and help that a developer needs is easy to get, which is why creating web applications using this framework is very easy. When using this framework for web development, you do not need to write a lot of code; the code you will create can also be reused for other projects through this framework, which is why you will enjoy fast web development when using the PHP Cake Framework.

2. The cost of development for those that will use Cake PHP is absolutely free. This is because the framework is open source; therefore you do not need to invest any money in order to use it for your development. This also means that all the apps and websites you will be creating in the end are cost effective.

3. You will not need any configuration to be done on your system before you can use Cake PHP. All the settings that will be required are usually auto-detected. You will also not need any apache configuration and all the validation features are built-in. This is a great advantage in that it saves you a lot of time for start up. If therefore you are in a hurry to develop a website, you will not be delayed. There are validation rules that the framework uses in itself for each field though.

4. The other benefit is the MVC pattern which the framework uses. The pattern helps its user to define and separate the logic layer and the business layer clearly. This may not be very significant in the creation of smaller websites but when it comes to large web applications, this pattern will help so much. It will help you read data, insert and update your data in the database for the application you are working on since in the beginning everything is usually integrated. This makes Cake PHP an extremely useful framework for creating large websites.

5. It has an inbuilt validation, which is not only easy to use but very helpful in web development. For instance, you can attach a number of advanced validation rules to just one single field with ease in Cake PHP.

6. It can be used for any type of website development

7. Flexible templating in that it has customized templates and fields

8. It manages both content and themes

9. Flexible ACL- CakePHP has a built-in authorization and security for the best functionality and safety of your apps.

10. It allows ‘CRUD’ scaffolding. CRUD in this case stands for create, read, update, delete, which are the main activities involved in web development. This is done with just one line of code in Cake PHP, and then you can have a preliminary view of your entire application.

11. Its ability to create tests, meaning that Cake PHP has the ability to create tests to help the user evaluate every critical point on his application development. These tests include the core tests as well as the custom tests, which you are able to build on your own. This helps a lot especially if you are developing a large application because some of the critical parts may be overlooked as well as the performance of your app, which could lead to a failed project.
Quality Web Development

These and many other benefits make cake PHP web app development something to look forward to by many web developers. Cake PHP is therefore the only framework you need in order to start building very powerful distributed web apps. It gives every web developer a chance to create websites using an open source framework that offers speed of development as well as ease of use. It has great structures too, which will help you maintain the quality of your apps as per the defined standards. Some of the best things you need to look out for when using this framework are its robust features for instance the MVC architecture, Data sanitization, and built-in validation among others.