I’m sure you know by now – visual and interactive content on the web is slowly making its way towards becoming the standard. It’s a lot more easy to watch a slideshow that consists of 20 slides, including pictures; detailed information; previews and more – than it is to read an article of 2,000 words. I think there is appeal to both.

Visme is a new startup that hopes to change the way we build content online, especially content that relates to presentations, slideshows, infographics, banners, animations and much more. In order to achieve that level of flexibility, Visme is taking full advantage of HTML5; the language all their interactive content is based on.


I’ve touched the subject before, how visual content is winning over text, and how important it is for a business to invest in visual content as well. Imagine having to build a list of charts and graphs without using a pre-built tool or a library, you could do it with the help of HTML5 tables, but it would be really time consuming, inefficient.

You have seen companies try and solve this problem, but without much success. They come either too hard for a beginner to grasp, or too simple to make anything serious. I found that “Visme” comes right in-between these two problems, and really aims to solve a fundamental problem in the visual web content niche.


You can probably name a couple of online tools that enable to build presentations and infographics, but can you say that they’re all flexible, intuitive and easy to use? In the best case scenario, the tool is going to be average, but the amount of time required to learn it would be absurd.

Visme understands this, and wants to help not just bloggers, but any business owner to build visual content that will talk to people, and customers. Their dashboard gives users access to multiple ways of building modern animations, infographics and presentations. It’s an incredible toolkit to have at your disposal. Well, I’m only saying that because I really do find this tool resourceful.

It’s interface is intuitive and within a few minutes users will feel right at home with the features and tools available that makes traditional tools feel complex and outdated.

Visme Features

I don’t think any tool out there can call itself a winner, without first showing what kind of features and capabilities it has. Visme has some really great assets to backup its claims as a leading tool for building interactive content. Here are a few of my own favorites:

Create Slide Decks (Presentations)

Add New Slide

You can easily build your own presentation files, and do custom modifications; like for example, you can overlay pictures with text, or vice verse, making the content look more lively and appealing. You can select from custom and pre-built templates, or build your own from scratch.



Looking to amplify your interactive content with some unique and appealing fonts? Visme has got you covered, by integrating over 100 unique fonts, including the ones that you value so dearly. Don’t worry, if your favorite isn’t on the list – get in touch with the team to take a look at it.

Visualize Boring Content (Charts and Infographics)

Visualize Charts and Graphs

Infograph widgets allow one to quickly turn simple data and numbers into dynamic, easier to understand visuals. From a speed-o-meter to counters, ribbons and radial dials each widget allows full customization to personalize the data and design to the value you want to represent.

I really like how flexible and efficient this particular feature is, the designs come out looking really professional, and often times you wouldn’t think that those infographics were built by using a tool like Visme.

Full Animation Engine

Shapes and Icons

Like we learned in the beginning of the post, this platform has a fully fledged animation engine that can help you to build animated banners, or anything else that you’d like to build of that nature. They’ve got an extensive gallery of icons, shapes and other images to add to your animated images.

It has many advantages over competition, here is an overview:

  • It does more than just create one type of content. it’s the multi-tool of visual content.
  • Requires no coding or design experience.
  • Intuitive and easy to use yet balanced with a range of features and flexibility to personalize content.
  • Gives you a great starting point to create presentations.
  • Fully HTML5 based so content is both web and mobile friendly.
  • Download content to all popular formats: Web URL, Image, PDF, and HTML5 formats.
  • Ability to make any object interactive and add motion.

But, the real icing on the top here is the price tag. Visme is completely free, for up to 3 projects. At any given time, you can have 3 fully functional projects ongoing, as well as the ability to use all of the items within the catalog. Plus, the premium version is only $5 per month, for such a service – and the amount of examples it has – it is a complete bargain.

I’ll be spending some time building some things with their platform, will you be doing the same?