8 Reasons Why Visual Content is More Important Than Text

I hope you noticed the word ‘important’ instead of ‘appealing’ in the title. Those are two completely different things, right?

pointing a fingerWe’ve officially come far enough in the content marketing industry, to recognize visual content as something that can drive sales, new customers and incredible engagement rate straight to your business doors. It doesn’t matter how little or how big the visuals are going to be, there has to be something that will catch the attention of the reader – and most of the time those are going to be visual images.

We really have to think this through, as images can eventually become a costly thing to have and maintain.

This infographic from SmartDraw discusses the importance of having visual content and just how big of a difference it can make for your business. Creating infographics is not something that everyone can afford unfortunately, as it does require some decent set of skills to put together – but we can always try and make something of our own.

Little data charts and visualizations can be easily created online. I’ve actually posted a post before, about visual content creation tools – and it is one of the most well received posts here on CodeCondo. It doesn’t just go to show how many people are interested in tools and platforms that can help in the creation of visual content. It shows that there is a big demand for visual data on the web.

8 Reasons Why Visual Content is More Important Than Text [INFOGRAPHIC]

To highlight everything that has been mentioned in this infographic:

  • Images Are Much Easier to Process & Understand (for Majority)
  • Average Individual Processes Visual Content 60,000 Faster Than Text
  • Photos is The Number One Type of Content Performance Wise on Facebook
  • It’s Easier to Remember Things When We See them Visually
  • Pinterest is Able to Drive More Sales Traffic Than All Major Networks Combined
  • Significant Increase in Business, Communication and Engagement

All that is left is to think about these statistics and really give them some thought. I mean, once we start implementing visual content, it’s obviously going to become much more easy. Why? Because we will be taking advantage of these wonderful benefits that visual content presents us with.

I’ve yet to start my journey on Pinterest, but I am super excited for it and I cannot wait to drive some quality targeted traffic to my blog. Has Pinterest been a good networking site for your business?