Facebook Delete My Account

This idea for a post came to me before Yandex partnered up with Facebook. I deleted my original Facebook account, where I had all of my friends and relatives, back in December. It was a decision I had thought about for the whole year of 2013, when I come to think of it now – I actually don’t know why I didn’t straight away just get rid of it.

Could it be that you are facing the same problem?

The only answer I can give you is to delete the account straight away, and the reason is because you are going to get a 14 day wait period in which you can reinstate your account by logging back in. That wait period, I’d like to believe is the reason so many people don’t quit right away, I made the same mistakes.

ExitThe reason I wanted to quit and close my account down was simple, I found no reason to please everyone with my precious presence on the social networking giant. Facebook might be the top social network of 2014, but people who care about their time are slowly packing their bags and making their way to the exit door.

The following benefits of deleting a Facebook account were mined only by myself and come from my own personal take on how I think Facebook affects my and your life. I couldn’t find any positives in keeping it active, and I sure got rid of a lot of negatives.

Obviously, More Time

The average Facebook spends anywhere from 5 to 10 hours per month browsing the social network, the statistics are twice as big for mobile users. Shocking!

This infographic will educate you on the many possibilities you could be doing other than rating old pictures of you and your friends. The days when Facebook was THE place to be have long been gone, when I was still a user – I hardly saw anyone post new albums or pictures, it became overrated very quickly.

Facebook Saving TimeYes, more time. I wasn’t a Facebook power-user, but I quickly realized that I can now focus on other tasks without ever having the thought of Facebook crossing my mind. It’s pretty crazy when you think of it, something like a social network settles in your mind so deep – it comes to your mind twice an hour, but once you’re not a user anymore..it has disappeared.

Less Junk, More Quality

Less Junk, More Quality50% of my Facebook activity was liking artist fan pages, sometimes twice for the same artist. I didn’t really get excited about sharing the last picture I had taken at the park. I would say that I did enjoy reading some of the news feeds and meme feeds that’d pop up occasionally, but even that was degrading and once you quit – you look for real sources of news or whatever it is that you’re into.

I can see how people with thousands of page likes might think that deleting a Facebook account is crazy, but none of it matters. All those page likes are just simple egomagination, and the need to be attached to something – at all times.

You can always go for the extreme approach, and delete all your data online.

The Need of a New Habit

With so much free time on your hands, you’re obviously going to have to find a new habit to take Facebook’s place. For me it was more time spent working, instead of trying to find something new and exciting to think about.

If you enjoy going for a walk every day, the next time you do – think about how great the exchange was, from a mindless activity to a completely mindful activity, just like that.

Facebook for a Business

I might have tried to show Facebook as the only bad guy here, but that isn’t really the case. I do think that “normal” usage of Facebook is useless, and it serves no purpose to anyone, except for what people have made up in their minds. Ten years ago we didn’t have social networks, so please don’t be the clever boy trying to tell me otherwise. (:

I have a Facebook account, which I use strictly for business purposes. This account has got nothing to do with my previous one, and I don’t feel in any way attached to it. It’s the element of having real people on your friends list, that you at some point have met in real life (or meet every day) that makes the whole social thing addicting.

It’s not that hard to understand, is it?