Waking up just to see that you have lost a bunch of followers on your Instagram is never less than a horror story. Even if you think you are following your Instagram strategy the right way, you may be missing a few basic points. Although the best Instagram growth service tools can help you organically grow your Instagram followers but as it’s said the first impression is the last – in this case, it’s your bio. You have five seconds with your Instagram character limit on bio to pitch followers. Use them wisely to get them hooked! This is just the foremost point you should ponder over, let’s have a look at the others.

1. Posting Inconsistently

People follow you for your content. And if you don’t post, they have no reason to follow you. Posting on Instagram doesn’t depend on your mood or even if you think you might bug your followers by posting every single day, you need to get your facts right.

Also, when you don’t post much on Instagram, it trains Instagram’s algorithm to not show your posts on your followers’ feed even when you post it after a week. Your posts will be hidden by the other accounts.  

What to do instead?

You should schedule your content a week before you will be posting. It’s best if you take advantage of the social media calendars that are available online as well to ensure you never miss a day of posting.

2. Not Engaging Enough

Engagement doesn’t end at only replying to your followers on your posts, liking their comments, or replying in the DMs. It’s actually more than that. Instagram is a place where you socialize with other users as well. If you just sit back and wait for people to leave comments on your posts so you can start engaging with them, it’s just hurting you.

What to do instead?

You should take some time out of your day to genuinely leave a comment on other pages and like their content as well. This way, you will bring out yourself to the audience that may lure them into following you.  

3. Being Too Salesy

If you’re round the clock talking about the dope product that you’re soon going to launch, this may annoy your followers. Of course, you may want to promote your product but posting nothing else except for that will make you lose your followers.

What to do instead?

You should build a strong connection with your followers by posting your other content as well. You can then for sure post your promotional content from time to time. Try to keep a fine balance between them to ensure your followers don’t run away.

4. Not Using Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to make your content discoverable by the users. Users mostly like to search for hashtags, so they can easily scroll through all posts at once. If you’re being too lazy or just thinking of hashtags as “useless”, you’re hindering increased engagement on your posts.

What to do instead?

You should put in some time and effort to research what hashtags other pages are using for content similar to yours. This way, making your hashtags relevant and appropriate will attract the right community to your page.

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