Nowadays, Instagram is no longer just a platform for sharing beautiful images and having fun. It’s more than just a social network for connecting with other people. IG is a spot for business development, advertising, product promotion, lead generation, and a platform where you may both buy and sell. Of course, beautiful photos and a visually appealing profile styled in certain colors are still the IG feature. But here is something more important behind a visually aesthetic profile and influencing business user who has something to offer you.

Promoting your product and expanding your client base is not easy and certainly requires a lot of time. And today, time is probably the most valuable thing we have. Yes, Insta provides excellent opportunities for business growth, but it also takes a lot of time to bring your account up to a higher level. 

Daily interaction with your audience, coming up with valuable and exciting content, commenting and liking accounts that relate to your niche of interest, constantly hanging out in DM answering typical questions, etc. that’s how brand promotion happens on social media. Try to find that much time every day (it’s a kind of irony, of course)! That’s why the word automation is becoming more and more significant in 2021. 

What is “Automation”?

Generally speaking, Instagram automation is the use of an external tool/software that is designed to manage an acc, interact with IG users, and perform additional tasks to make the account richer in followers without a human (your) presence.

We may divide IG “bot” instruments into two categories:

1. Instagram tools that interact with users “openly” for constant likes and often irrelevant comments (alas). These tools are classic bots that Insta dislikes so much. IG immediately bans accounts that continuously comment and “like” users (hardly typical behavior for the average user).

2. Tools that curate your account by performing actions “surreptitiously” selecting relevant hashtags to attract a larger audience of your niche, analyzing profile activity,  publishing content at the peak times of a day.

Do you remember the inappropriate comments on your post, the likes from obscure accounts, or your Stories’ browsing by an account you don’t know? All of these are the result of typical bots that turn automation into spam. It’s precisely accounts from which such strange interactions originate that end up getting banned by the IG administration, which has been tightening its policy against bots year after year. 

The second category is what we’re going to talk about in detail here. After all, it is the hidden and indirect automation that is effective and fully integrated with human activity, ultimately leading to a reasonable improvement in account performance.

Why use IG automation?

1. Save your time

Using smart automation will free you from so many daily tasks on IG and allow you to focus on the more essential things that only you may handle: content creation and its design.

But leveraging an automated Instagram tool doesn’t mean completely ignoring account management and expecting great results afterward. Automation assists, but it does not manage your acc.

2. Quicker followers number growth

Of course, we exclude the use of spambots. Knowing your audience and liking someone who is sure to be interested in your account increases your audience growth rate. These are just simple interactions with users, not endless comments to users outside your field of interest.

3. Knowing your audience better

Identifying the hashtags that your audience uses more often or recognizing their most intense activity times will help you investigate your audience better and in greater depth. Knowing your audience is a 100% successful path of your business speeding up.

Note: along with the advantages of automation, it is worth mentioning some negative aspects: more and more account robotizing deprives you of personal interaction with customers; Instagram monitors all automated actions, which can lead to a ban of the profile; and finally, inadequate automation looks like spam (the way to banned acc too). 

How to automate your Insta account in the right way?

The use of an Instagram tool that performs automatization via liking, commenting, and following to any account is a thing of the past. Today, automation is about identifying the most relevant and targeted audience for your profile, and only then does intelligent human-like interaction begin.

How to begin automation successfully?

1. Scheduled posting

Content scheduling tools will help you set the right time to post according to your audience’s activity; post instead of you but with a pre-set date and time; create a calendar of post ideas to keep your audience fueled and up-to-date with new content, etc.

Here are the examples of some schedulers: Later, Agorapulse, Buffer, Autogrammer, Sprout Social content schedulers, etc.

2. Hashtags research

The significance and power of hashtags in developing brand awareness know no bounds. But only if they are corresponding hashtags. Today, some tools help you discover related hashtags after analyzing the interests of your existing audience. That’s why the chances of reaching a wider audience with the right hashtags are doubled.

Here are the examples of some Hashtags analytical and generation tools: RiteTag, Socialert, Keyhole, Brand24, etc.

3. Look for UGC

User-generated content is one key part of a marketing campaign because this is how your audience’s level of engagement is revealed. The closer it is, the more successful your product development will be. But finding such content (photos of customers with your product, feedback, reviews, and other types of user-generated content) can take a long time. Some tools may help you find this content in a short amount of time. For example, Squarelovin/Later/Crowdriff has a UGC searching feature.

4. Track new followers

Sorting your audience into those who interact the most with your account and who is on your list of followers but no more than, helps you build a target audience, which is essential for successful integration. It’s almost impossible to do this manually, but it is possible to automate the process. Some tools help you analyze your audience to show who has unsubscribed from you and suggest accounts that are most likely to be interested in your profile

5. Find out influencers

Using blogger or influencer finder tools (Awario, Klear, Heepsy, etc.), you may quickly find like-minded people and integrate with them to manage your profile more effectively.

So, use any Instagram tool of robotizing wisely, and don’t forget that you and your actions on IG are the main drivers of your profile growth.

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