Research has proven time and again offering discounts to the military ensures greater sales among them and it also increases brand trust and loyalty. They highly appreciate brands that recognize their services.

The military is a poignant part of the nation and most brands offer substantial discounts to them in recognition of their services to the country. However, although it is a wonderful gesture, it becomes necessary to verify if an individual is actually involved in the service.

This article will discuss why it is of the utmost importance for businesses to employ military verification services to ensure the authenticity of these personnel. Read on to find out.

Increase Your Customer’s Trust In Your Business

The military identifies with their own community and offering them substantial discounts shows that your business respects their deeds and sacrifices. This in turn leaves an impact in their minds about your brand, and they trust you and your services even more.

Additionally, it also leaves a mark in the minds of those citizens who greatly respect the military and this increases the general trust in your business as well. By treating the military differently, the brand stands apart from those that don’t.

The brands that recognize the distinction between the military and ordinary citizens by employing a military discount verification will get noticed. Moreover, most veterans use military discounts and if a brand offers greater discounts to such personnel, it will only lead to its popularity among them.

Ensure Higher Sales

Offers especially personalized for the military are highly appreciated by them. This form of identity marketing encourages them to try the brands offering such discounts and this results in higher sales. Additionally, the military constitutes 37 million members, and the average income of a serviceman is $74,500. Targeting your sales towards this group will automatically ensure greater sales.

Offering them enough discounts will also lead to a higher number of purchases from your brand. However, this can only be done if you employ a good military verification service to identify these members and target your sales towards them.

Prevent Discount Abuse

Trust is not easily earned. Every day, scams, con artists, and personality infringements are making the news, and verification services help to reduce them. Businesses usually offer great discounts to the military and it is often that we see that scammers try to impersonate these servicemen to acquire discounts.

There have been several instances of people exaggerating about the services that they have provided while being in the military, while others lie about being a veteran altogether. Public military databases would have largely solved the problem. In contrast, veterans without a certificate of service can apply for one to qualify for these discounts.

However, there aren’t many such records widely available. This is why military verification services become extremely necessary. Through the social security number provided while performing the verification and other personal information, it can be identified if the person is an actual veteran.

Collect Pure Data Directly from the Military

Anonymously collected data that brands gather are unreliable and mostly unreliable. A military verification service, though several personal questions to provide personalized discounts, end up gathering lots of information pertaining to the military directly from them.

This pure data can be utilized for sales campaigns that the brand might undertake in the future. Such data can come in handy when creating databases for target military customers and strengthening relationships with them.

Promote Your Brand More Effectively

After the military verification service establishes the identity of such veterans, brands can campaign more effectively. This can be done by offering greater discounts to such military customers which will make it more compelling for them.

The discounts offered can be increased over time, based on the loyalty of the customer and the company can also increase the frequency at which such discounts are offered. It not only increases the brand value in the eyes of the customers but also elevates sales.

Acquire More Military Customers

The military is a very closely-knit community and news travels fast when one service personnel has made a purchase using a substantial discount. Military discount verification makes brands exclusive in the opinion of veterans and it also reflects the respect a brand has for their military customers.

This not only enhances the loyalty of the military community but also acquires the respect of other customers who hold the military in high esteem. Through word-of-mouth, a brand can gain more military customers. However, it can only be done if it is employing a military service verification.


Not having a military discount verification means that a brand does not differentiate between civilians and veterans. It might result in a lack of trust in a brand by the military and result in a significant loss of sales.

Verifying authenticity and tailoring discounts accordingly, on the other hand, increases customer loyalty and builds brand visibility. It is only by making offers truly exclusive, can any brand make a mark and not lose sales through customers masquerading as the military.

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