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For many of us, we think about comfort zone only when someone flashes a cheesy corporate poster at our face, with a gummy tagline saying “reach for success”. We often forget the awesome psychological connotation of ‘comfort zone’ which happens to describes it as a behavioural space where our activities fit a pattern that exists to minimize stress and risk. The best thing about comfort zone, and why we love it so much, is the feeling of familiarity that it emits.

No doubt, being within our comfort zones is really relaxing. It is good for our emotional well being. The moment we step out of this periphery, we are making ourselves accessible to risk, stress and anxiety, for we don’t know what lies ahead. Everything is so cosy about the comfort zone that it makes us want to snuggle up and be there forever.
As human beings we are comfort creatures, we love our comfort zones and operating from a sense of familiarity or the known can definitely lead to a steady stream of performance but there is always the risk of getting too comfortable, and when that happens, productivity suffers.

comfort zone

If you are every bit the business man in the true sense of the term, you must already know what the words ‘risk’ and ‘productivity’ mean to you. If you have any bit of claim to fame, you might have already made yourself comfortable with being a little uncomfortable a long time ago. But sometimes our motivation drops, the fear of failure takes over and we find it difficult to step out of our zones. It’s normal and it happens to the best of us. Precisely, that’s why we have written this article, so that you can keep coming back every time your inspiration wanes a little.

Take on new challenges

Unless we push ourselves to the limit, we will never discover the substance of which our core is made of! For a business man, who is constantly vying with the unpredictable whims of time, technology and opportunity, moving out of the comfort zone can suddenly become very important. It makes you flexible and gears you up to take on new struggles. Being slightly uncomfortable, adds an edge to our productivity and makes us achieve those goals that started out by seeming impossible.

Personal growth and development

As businessmen, one must understand that our businesses will only grow to the extent to which we endeavour to grow ourselves. And just out of our comfort zone, is the land where magic happens and tasks get done, businesses expand here and reach out for new horizons, much like the people who are running them. However, it is equally important to understand that one does not need to be super-productive all the time. One should always be able to return to the comfort zone when it is needed. Too much hassle without a solid reason can have a reversible impact on productivity as well.

Open the gateway for creativity

Open the gateway for creativity

A person who has trained himself (or herself) in the art of taking calculated risks from time to time radiates an openness to experiences. They are ready for what life (or the ever-changing trends of the business world) throw at them. In the process, one really gets to nurture their creativity. The biggest road block to creativity is self-doubt. And that happens only when we are too shrouded by the fear of failure to take charge. As a business man, it is important for a person like you to be able to think creatively as well as analytically at the same time. The world today cries out for creative problem solving and one needs to step out of the comfort zone to cater to such needs.

Nurture spontaneity

As children most of us were brave, bold and courageous. We were spontaneous in our decisions to the point of being impulsive. The unknown never scared us, it only invited us to explore further. Feel like growing up has robbed you of your adventurous streak? It’s time to get off the couch and get it back on! A successful business man is one who is constantly riding the tides of time. You cannot let a single opportunity slip by. If you don’t grab it, your competitors will. Thanks to the internet, the chances of networking have never looked so bright before but the competition has also grown steep. What shapes your business acumen is the spontaneity with which you respond to the stimulus around you. Because, if a businessman is not dynamic he isn’t much of a businessman after all, is he?

Personal growth and development

So get ready to bid adieu to your comfort zone. And, by the way, did you know this? Embracing new challenges actually helps you to age better. No, we are not making this one up, we promise. As it so happens, our comfort zones tend to shrink with time and if we do not cultivate a habit of pushing ourselves far and beyond, end up dissatisfied with their inner potential being hardly harnessed!

Having said that, it is important not to push ourselves too hard. What is true for life is true for business as well. It might interest you to know, back in 1908 two reputed psychologists came up with the idea of ‘optimal anxiety’. According to their research, performance surely improves when simulated but only to a certain extend. When the pressure gets too overwhelming, productivity goes down in a steep curve. As businessmen, one cannot afford to crash so injudiciously. If a business perishes so does an idea that could have moved the world and not to mention all the people who believed in it. So by all means break out of your comfort zone but remember to go back to it from time to time!