YouTube Video Advertising

YouTube is now considered the 2nd largest search engine platform after Google itself. Obviously, as Google owns YouTube, they always put high importance on what is being shown on YouTube and what’s not. That being said, often the organic reach is not enough for our videos and we have to then look for options such as video advertising campaign.

In this article, we will look at some cool tricks to launch and optimize a YouTube video advertising campaign to make sure that you are getting the maximum reach spending the minimum amount of time and money. It is easy to go ahead and publish your ad but if you do not know how to optimize the ad properly, you will end up spending a lot without proper results. That being said, let’s get started.

1. Understand the Value

YouTube has a reach of more than one billion active users, which tells you how big this platform is. YouTube is now available in more than 76 languages and the website gets 16 years of video uploaded in it every single day. These are not just statistics as they tell you what kind of potential it has for your business. No matter what your business is, you will have the option to utilize the power of this video giant.

If you can optimize your campaign well and target the right kind of people, you can literally have overnight success for your business.

2. Video Statistics

There are different methods to measure video ad performance. You have to make sure that you are using the right tools to understand the different metrics. If you don’t know whether your ad is performing well or not, you do not know whether to invest more or to quit from that ad set. Therefore, it is important to understand each bit of statistics starting from ad views to average CPC and more.

3. View Rate & CPC

The view rate will tell you one very simple and important stat. It will tell you how many people saw your advertisement from your ad. It is important because you do not want to mix your organic reach with the paid reach.

At the same time, it is important to know about the CPC too, which stands for cost per click. As the name suggests, this metric will tell you how much it costs to get one view for your video. Now, it is recommended that you run your ad for a good period of time before looking at the CPC number because it is always high initially!
YouTube Ads Cost

4. Strong Content

Always remember that content is and will be the king for a very long time in the video industry. No matter how much you pay on ad spending, if the quality of your content is not good, nobody will watch it till the end. If they do not watch it till the end, YouTube will automatically start to push it down on the list because of their algorithm. Therefore, make very good content not only in terms of video production quality but also in terms of value.

5. Big Launch

If you have a special video, do not just upload the file like any other videos that everyone shares on YouTube. Pick a launch date and let everyone of your audience know early that you will be launching a special video very soon. This is important to get a high number of organic views immediately when you launch the video.

Also, people might miss your video due to time issues or other reasons but if you give a few updates before releasing the actual one, you will end up being a winner.

6. Call to Action

Always have proper call to actions in your videos. You have to make sure that your target audience is getting the right direction on what to do after watching your video. A call to action is very important. Even if it seems obvious to you, your viewers will not know what to do.

Especially, if the visitor is watching your video for the first time which is very likely if it is a paid advertisement based video, you have to tell them what is the video and channel about, along with which direction to go towards after your viewers see the video.

7. Experiment

Always experiment with your advertisement sets. Google keyword planner will allow you to set different ad sets targeting the same video and you should use that option to target different ad groups to see which one converts the best. Often things like simply changing age range 5 years will have massive differences.

Try to experiment with everything including age, gender an in fact, viewing device too. You don’t know which will click for your specific ad set.
Optimize your YouTube video

8. Optimize Properly

Always optimize your video properly before you try any advertising. Consider your video as fire and advertisement as gasoline. If you have a good fire, advertisement will boost it even further but if you do not even have the fire, pouring gasoline will do nothing. Therefore, always do your best to optimize your YouTube video. There are different guides out there when it comes to video optimization. Try to learn optimization properly or ask someone to help you out. You will get great results.

9. Define Metrics & Goals

Like any other marketing campaign, always have a fixed goal and a set of metric on how you are going to achieve that goal. Do not think YouTube advertisement is different in terms of traditional marketing strategies. Obviously, it is a bit different as the marketing vehicle is new but the strategies will have to be used here too.

10. Remove The Low Performing Ads

At the end, always make sure that you are removing the low performing ad sets when you are advertising. It is better to kill those as soon as possible, because you do not want to spend money on ads that do not matter. Unlike other media, you have the option to be able to create unlimited amount of ad sets for YouTube and you should always be ready to take that opportunity.