It is not always easy to build apps for mobile users because different people use different types of devices to access the web. For instance, there are those that use iPhones, which means that should you target Android users only just because they are the majority, you may shut out users who would bring in a lot of business to your website. That is why we have well developed mobile tools and libraries which are helping mobile app developers to develop apps that will target the entire mobile market. Here are some of the best tools you can use today for all your mobile app projects:


1. jQuery Mobile

This is a great programming tool to use for your mobile web projects mainly because of its HTML-centered layout. With this tool, you can create your pages in DIVs and other standard HTML components such as the <LI> tags. This is the best tool to use for your dynamic websites and also CMSes. It is also a very easy tool to use as all you have to do is to add a theme to it without having to create anything, which saves you a lot of time.

2. Jo

This is a compilation if widgets which create mobile apps that are card-oriented in JavaScript. Its structure is basically a collection of different JavaScript functions, which are used to create widgets, which are then arranged by Jo in order to appear attractive on your screen. The code you will use here are big function calls that are nested together, which call other functions that accumulate the parts, which then call other functions which collect together again in order to form big parts.

3. LimeJS

This was created in order to help mobile web developers use WebGL objects, which are a part of HTML5. The code used here is JavaScript, but the structure is a little different, and looks very similar to C. You gain access to OpenGL’s library as well. If you are looking to add a modern touch to your projects, this is a programming tool you should really consider. The resulting app will always load faster. This tool is mainly meant for developers who work on games for OpenGL structures in other environments.

4. jQTouch

This is one of the best programming tools you can find, and mobile web developers will find it very useful. Apps built using jQTouch are built by adding HTML into DIVS. The tool will then analyze the DIVs while looking for the right classes, then it will input its own code for the handling events. Building apps using this programming tool is very quick and easy, making it a great tool to consider.

5. ChocolateChip-UI

chocolate-chip - Programming Tools
This is a tool that gives you a chance to create a more useful mobile app in HTML. With this programming tool, you will use WAML tags as the underlying code. Therefore, most of your work will be done in WAML, which will then be converted to HTML5, saving you a great amount of time and hassle.

6. Mobl

mobile-software - Programming Tools
This is the best tool to use if you are looking for a framework that will help you to create WebKit-based mobile applications. With this framework, you write all your instructions in Mobl instead of struggling with HTML, CSS or JavaScript. Once your instructions have been written, the programming tool will convert all of them into HTML, JavaScript and CSS for ease of reading on any browser. This tool is meant to make things easy for web developers because here, you get to use a more declarative syntax without having to deal with all the punctuation required in JavaScript use.

7. The M-Project

m-projects - Programming Tools
This programming tool offers a set of widgets that have been assembled together into jQuery mobile objects. The code here has been structured with MVC pattern. Programming with The M-Project is as simple as putting up a large JSON structure which will label the widgets that will fit in your pages. Your entire layout will then be taken care of by the M-Project programming tool. The behavior of your application will be defined by the creation of functions, which are attached to event hooks. This programming tool will ensure that all your events reach their destinations.

8. jDrop

jdrop - Programming Tools
This is a great programming tool, and was created to help mobile web developers to organize their performance data between desktops and other devices, where it can be analyzed better. This tool makes it easy for developers to extract performance feedback from mobile devices. With this, you get a Mobile Perf, which is a bookmarklet that will give you all the feedback you need.

9. Sencha Touch

snecha-touch - Programming Tools
This is a little similar to Jo, in that it is used to create card-oriented mobile apps in JavaScript. The library has a framework for desktop websites as well. This is one of the programming tools that will help make your web development taks simpler because the framework practically takes care of all the layout decisions, allowing you to do less and reap more from your work.

10. Zepto

zepto - Programming Tools
This is a little different from all the other programming tools as it does not lay out any widgets for its users. Instead, it helps you to manipulate the DOM by offering you amazing features such as a feature that will help you find elements, juggle events and attach classes. One of the best things about this tool is its size, which is miniscule. Another plus is that its features do not need the use of complicated coding, meaning that you can create your apps a lot faster than before.

Effective mobile app development is easy to achieve if you have the right tools at hand to create mobile apps that will be useful to all mobile users. Choose a programming tool that will help you come up with an app that will be viewed by the entire mobile market and you will be a successful developer.