When you are looking to speed up the entire process of web design, then you should consider using a jQuery plugin. They help you in two main ways, first they save on your time, and second they reduce on your overall effort to get the job done. You can use these plugins to help you access images, or even to create forms that will elevate the impact of your website.

Before moving on to this blog, you may also want to check out free jQuery ebooks which can help you to start learning jQuery. All right so lets get started with 10 of the excellent jQuery plugins for your web development work.

1. FitText.js

When you want to make a bold statement on your website, you can do so easily by inflating your text. That is what this jQuery plugin is able to do. It will make it possible for the text to take up the full width of where it has been placed on the page. In addition to this, it is responsive so you do not need to worry about losing visibility of content on mobile devices.

2. Alertify

This is a plugin that will make receiving an alert an exciting experience, as it is possible to create excellent windows for notifications and dialogs. It is self-standing, and does not require any third party libraries to work at its best. With CSS, you will find that it is possible to customize this jQuery plugin to completely meet your needs.

3. Tabslet

When you want to create tabs that are light in weight on your website, you can do so with the Tabslet jQuery plug in. Staying on trend, the tabs have a distinct minimalist design, meaning that they are able to blend into any type of website without any issue. There are several things that you will be able to do with the tabs including creating a custom even, rotation and other controls. This is a plugin that is all about maintaining functionality.

4. Unslider

This is a plugin that you should add to your site if you are looking for a simple image slider. It is able to do this without adding any special effects or features, allowing you to get straight to the point of what you need done. It has various features as a jQuery plugin including the built-in keyboard control and the ability to have CSS configuration. It is very small in size so will be an excellent addition to your website.

5. Supersized

If you are interested in showcasing stunning photographs, you can do so with this jQuery plugin that will help you with the design of a full screen background. By using pictures that you have made available, it is possible to create a slide show, which can take up the entire page, covering both the height and width. The options on this plugin are excellent and include a range of transition effects to add even more character to the pictures being used.

6. Slinky

Should you be wondering how you can cohesively handle all the content on your website into a menu, you would have found the solution when you begin to use slinky. It is a plugin that is light, so it will not affect the performance of your website, and it is also responsive, which means that you are able to use it on your mobile devices with ease. When you have a significant amount of sub menus, it will ensure that everything is well presented and clear.

7. nanoGALLERY

You likely have a range of image galleries that are available on your sight, and when you want to simplify them as much as possible, you should use the nanoGALLERY jQuery plugin. There are a host of features that you will find on this plugin, including a slideshow, themes, pagination, lightbox and more. It is easy to customize to meet your specific need and is also touch enabled. It supports storage on the cloud so you do not need to worry about having too many pictures to put up.

8. Grids

Here is a jQuery plugin that makes it possible to get the most out of grids. It is highly intuitive to suit your needs, allowing you to make alterations to the layout with simple drag movements. This is highly customizable, so if you want to add some more elements to the grid, or even take some away, you can do that. Once you remove one element, everything rearranges itself so that it goes back to looking neat and organized. This is an excellent plugin to use when creating a dashboard.

9. SpectragramJS

You may be interested in ensuring that your Instagram mobile application is able to connect with your website, so that you can have a seamless update on both the platforms. This is possible using this jQuery plugin. This plugin is able to access Instagram and get to display information from photographs that are popular or which have received a special tag, as well as user feeds.

10. TwentyTwenty

If you have ever had the desire to go back in time, or to evaluate changes that have occurred in an image, then this jQuery plugin is exactly what you need. It is able to do image comparisons, and display the images side by side, so that it is easier to discern what the differences between two pictures may be. This plugin also contains a slider, which is what you use when you are comparing the picture as you will be able to see the before picture, and then what is contained within the after picture.

When you are in the process of designing and developing your own website, there are so many elements that you can consider to optimize its look and give it a better feel. Combine both the looks and the functionality of your website by making good use of these jQuery plugins. All these plugins mentioned are of excellent quality and you can be sure that they will help the performance of your website.