Code snippets are reusable units of source code or machine code which can be incorporated into large programming modules for implementing certain desired functionality. Often, programmers working on various software development projects feel the need to reuse certain pieces of code. Online code repositories allow developers to save and manage code snippets from a single location in a hassle-free manner. It ultimately helps them to save a lot of time which they can use to focus on coding or other productive tasks. With the rise of open-source GIT repositories, discovering code snippets have become more feasible and effective. Now, developers can contribute towards or benefit from a large volume of open-source code repositories. These platforms not only allow developers to maintain private code libraries but also enable them to collaborate with others over several open-source software development projects.

Today, there are a range of online platforms which allow developers to save useful code snippets in private repositories as well as share pieces of code with others. Some public source code repositories have evolved to become some of the most trending, open-source libraries and technologies. So, here I am providing a list of some popular online platforms which offer a range of modern features for organizing, storing and sharing code snippets. So, let us check out the list of 10 popular source code repositories.

1. GitHub

GitHub hosts one of the largest source code repositories in the world. It has a vast open-source community with over 11 million users and over 29 million, public and private code repositories. GitHub allows users to collaborate on open-source and private software development projects. It offers free hosting for open-source repositories as well as offers multiple premium plans for enterprises and private accounts.

2. Source Forge

Source Forge
Source Forge is a code hosting repository for open-source software development projects. It is used by a vast community of around 3.7 million users and caters to over 40 million people worldwide. Source Forge also provides modern features, such as discussion forums, web-based code browsing, issue tracking and more.

3. Smipple

Smipple is an online platform for storing, managing and sharing code snippets. Smipple provides a social collaboration feature allowing users to post useful pieces of code as well as follow others who post interesting code snippets. One can also post relevant comments in the discussion section and share information for working collaboratively on code projects. The service provides easy login system with Google account and has robust search and filter functionalities.

4. Snipplr

Snipplr is a popular online platform for organizing and saving useful code snippets. It supports a range of programming languages, such as Python, JavaScript, C++, Scala and more. Snipplr allows sharing code snippets as well as maintain code libraries. It has over 164829 registered users and 59128 code snippets, which makes it one of the most popular code repositories on the web.

5. Snippets Mania

Snippets Mania
Snippets Mania is an online place for posting and sharing code snippets. The site features useful code snippets catering to a range of programming languages, such as Ruby, Java, C, C++, PHP, JavaScript, ActionScript and more. Snippets Mania is suitable for beginners, novice programmers and advanced coders.

6. Snipt

Snipt is an advanced online service for storing and sharing code snippets. The service is used by over 22,000 programmers across the globe and boosts of 1 lakh+ code snippets in 145 languages. Snipt allows individuals to save and share private and public code snippets through personal accounts. It also provides enterprise features for team accounts, allowing team members to post, edit and share code snippets, both private and public. Moreover, Snipt allows creating and embedding blog posts on Snipt or private domain.

7. Snippet Repo

Snippet Repo
Snippet Repo is a web-based facility for storing, organizing and sharing code snippets. It is a member-only and community-driven, online code repository with over 2000 members and 23,000+ code snippets. Snippet Repo features code snippets for JavaScript, PHP, CSS, jQuery, Java, Python, Ajax and more. The platform also offers features, such as upvote/downvote system, comments posting and more.

8. PHP Snips

PHP Snips
PHP programmers have their very own repository for PHP code snippets called as PHP Snips. It features some of the most useful and recent code snippets for various PHP development projects. The website contains PHP code snippets for various use cases, including authentication, database, date/time, arrays, strings and more.

9. JS Snips

JS Snips
Considering the growing popularity of JavaScript, it is important for JavaScript developers to check out this code repository which is exclusively dedicated to JavaScript. JS Snips is an online place for posting and sharing JavaScript code snippets and JavaScript library plugins for jQuery and Mootools.

10. Code Project

Code Project
Code Project is a huge resource website for developers and programmers. The platform provides a social collaboration feature which allows members to engage in discussions, polls and surveys. Code Project also offers a range of online learning resources in the form of Q&A section, informative articles and tips. Apart from this, Code Project is also a popular place for storing and sharing code snippets which cater to Microsoft-related languages, such as C# and .NET.

Conclusion: –
With that we have come to the end of our list of resources for hosting private and public source code repositories. A lot of the tools mentioned on the list provide features for hosting private code repositories with a premium plan. But, developers who want to host public code snippet libraries using a private account can do so for free on most of these platforms. If you have any suggestions or feedback, then kindly write your thoughts in the comments section below. Thank you.