Despite the various changes that web design undergoes with the passage of time, there are some things that will never change, which all web developers need to be able to do in their sleep. Just like in any other profession, there are a set of skills that are a must have for professionals in that field, and web design is no exception. If you are aspiring to become a web designer, here are some things you should be able to do without thinking:

1. You should be able to come up with a striking headline

This is a very important skill to master, because a good headline is what could stand between you and selling your designs. The ability to come up with the best headline is a skill that every web designer ought to have. When writing a headline, it is important that you leave a lasting impression on anyone that will come across the headline. Therefore, you should be able to use the best font, wording, and color combination to bring out your headlines in the best possible manner.

2. You should be able to code with CSS and HTML

CSS and HTML are two of the most basic languages used in web design. Therefore, every web designer should be able to code in them, regardless of whether they are professionals or just getting started. A web designer should at least know some basics of HTML, like reading, editing and troubleshooting. Master more skills as you advance in web design, and you will soon find that you will be able to do anything with HTML. You should be able to work with CSS as well, changing styles with ease. The good thing is that these are skills that are very easy to master so you should have no problem at all in getting started.

3. You should be able to design for different devices

These days, web designs are not only meant for desktops and laptops but also for a variety of other devices of different sizes that are gaining popularity such as tablets and smartphones. Therefore, a web designer should be able to design websites for any device, especially those that their end users are using. You should be comfortable designing for multiple browsers and devices in order to accommodate as many users as possible to ensure that your designs are benefiting them all.

4. You should be able to alter photos

Web designers are always working with different types of images, therefore, it is only logical that you should be able to manipulate them to suit your needs at that particular time. For instance, some of the skills you need to master here are how to crop images, how to size them, how to clear them among others.

5. You should be able to come up with great sketches

Many of the best web designers work with sketches, and will normally sketch the idea first before they start working on any project. By doing this, they ensure that all the features and images are included in the design, just as the client requested. Sketches should be clear to anyone who comes across them. People do not have to see your outline in order to understand what you are about to create, which is why this is an important thing.

6. You should understand the theory of designs

theory-of-design - Web Designer
There are important elements that every web designer should be able to explain when designing including color, balance, flow, proportions and spacing. These are not necessarily elements you can see with your naked eye, which is why understanding design theory is important. The design theory helps web designers understand why they do, what they do and the reason why their actions create a balance that is attractive to the eyes of the viewers. A good web designer should also be able to explain this to his clients.

7. You should be able to backup

backup - Web Designer
Anything can happen to your website at any time, which is why web developers should be able to backup their data in order to avoid data loss. You should also be able to restore everything to the way it was without losing a thing. You should always know where you have saved your work to ensure easy retrieval in case something happens to your system.

8. You should be able to make prints

make-print - Web Designer
Sometimes a web designer will be required to work with printed applications, making this is an important skill to master. For instance, every web designer should be able to work on flyers, cards, and anything else that will be needed in a printed form. Key skills to master here include use of different resolutions for different types of media, and good color choice depending on what you are working on.

9. You should be up to date with the latest trends

latest-trends - Web Designer
A web designer should be able to speak the design language in the right way at all times. They should know about the latest trends and why they should be used, or not used, and most importantly where they should be used when designing a web page. This way, the designer will be able to guide their clients towards the right design elements required to produce a great website for their businesses.

10. You should always be ready to use a common framework

framework -Web Designer
Web designers should always be ready to use common website design frameworks, unless if you have the skills and time to develop a better framework. There are different common frameworks that are available for use, and various advantages to using them. Chief among these reasons is that your clients will be able to maintain the look of their website, or do any updates themselves should they need to in the future.

Like all professions, web design starts with the basic skills, then one can learn more as they design more websites and applications. It is good to have the basics at your fingertips as these never change, even when everything else changes after a technological advancement.