To expand the customer base, businesses need to take just one competent step – to create an online store or online resource. The reason for this is the activity of moving from offline to online business, as the latter has become more popular due to COVID-19. The pandemic caught everyone by surprise, so the convenience of having a website is not exceeded in any way – this is really a huge plus. That’s why progressive web app development company, as a true friend, comes to the rescue of all those who have not yet managed to develop their new source of income and create a promising website for doing business in an online format. Turning to specialists, you can forget about the problems, because they will eliminate them and perform services at a high level.

What are the main problems still faced when developing a unique web design for the subsequent business?

There are obstacles that are associated with tendencies, fashion, changing trends. This is especially true for design architecture, which in most cases attracts the attention of potential buyers. Customers understand that the more beautiful and attractive a website is made, the easier it is to use, the faster they can find what they need and make a direct purchase. Thus, the most common problems (TOP 10) for web developers are:

  1. Make the design so that customers trust the online resource (simple UI/UX design layout).
  2. You need to stay away from spam.
  3. You should say the word “no” to those ad units that suddenly pop up and interfere.
  4. It is better to get a special SSL certification for the online resource.
  5. It is necessary to ensure the uninterrupted operation and functioning of the payment systems implemented on the site.
  6. It is better to provide a couple of types or payment methods.
  7. It is important to keep a record of the availability of products, which means keeping track of stocks.
  8. It is more correct to implement specific user software on the site.
  9. Be sure to structure the site so that it becomes as simple as possible to use.
  10. The distribution of goods into categories – this takes some time, so the work itself is complex, which presents a problem in terms of extra time.

It is also important to organize the delivery of goods in advance and prepare a barcode for each product, which is also a laborious process.

Principles of attractive web design – what to look at?

Among the TOP 10 really important principles that you should focus on when creating a great web design, a number of the following should be highlighted:

  1. Design thinking. We are talking about logic, strategy, arguments, popular methodology, creative and lively 3D layouts and concepts.
  2. Optimization process. Since most people use smartphones, you should make sure that the design is adapted to different screen sizes and the site works stably on any device.
  3. Navigation. In addition to the fact that navigation has a place to be, it is better to make it initially so that it is as simple as possible. This is to ensure convenient use of the online resource.
  4. Content-oriented. Since design is the future, it is not strange that an online resource should involve the target audience as much as possible, it is worth using a creative approach, spectacular images, high-quality videos, and so on.
  5. The attractiveness of the appearance of each individual product. In the online store, purchases are made by viewing images. Photos of goods must be of high quality, many pixels, widescreen and clear.
  6. Categories and subcategories. Each website should be divided into a user-friendly structure.
  7. Easy to read text. Descriptions for products and categories, subcategories, etc. are mandatory for any online store. The main thing is brevity, understanding.
  8. SEO optimization. You can’t do without this item. SEO is essential to drive traffic. Proper selection of keywords and phrases is what they pay special attention to when optimizing.
  9. Search work without interruption. The search bar should be useful, so it should work constantly without failures and make life easier for visitors and buyers.
  10. Refusal of unfair advertising. If the site owner feels that “something is wrong”, then it is better not to publish harmful, unfair or untrue advertising in their online store. This will keep your rating high.

To hire shopware developer it is enough to contact a specialized company that is interested in ensuring that every business client moves forward along with innovative digital technologies.