Practice makes perfect, especially when you are considering improving your skills in coding. For that reason, it is important to find different ways that you can practice, and evaluate what you have managed to learn. By doing this, you can identify where you have some gaps and continuously improve your skills. Furthermore, testing your skills ensures that you are up to date with the latest news on HTML and CSS.

Here are ten ways that you can test your programming skills to help you become the best web developer that you can be.

1. Start a Project

Start a Project
Knowing everything in theory is excellent, but you need to know how to apply it practically to really sharpen your skills. For this reason, starting a project is an excellent course of action. With a project, such as creating your own website, you will be able to have checkpoints to assess whether you are meeting your goals. A platform like Dash includes tutorials to make the process easier.

2. Go to Battle

Go to Battle
The best way to test your programming skills in HTML and CSS is to take on the best in real code challenges. This can be done in the community CodeWars. In addition to taking on other coders, the setting is more like a game. This makes the entire experience fun for those taking part. It is worth noting that this type of testing should be done when one has gained more experience for the purpose of fair competition.

3. Join a Community

Join a Commumnity
If going to battle is too difficult for you, especially if you are a beginner, you can choose to join a community for testing and further learning. When interacting with peers, it becomes easier to identify your excellent skills and those that need to be improved upon. Community is also a leading platform, giving you the opportunity to improve your expertise. When testing your skills in this way, you will be able to participate in chats, as well as find out who the experts are in HTML and CSS. This way you can easily ask direct questions and get the information you need.

4. Program Simulator

Program Simulator
With this tool, it becomes possible to test what you have learnt by simulating your code to create results. Simulated projects can be run within a browser, and they can then be taken through various challenges to see if they meet the highest of expectations. To correct mistakes, the website has a range of projects that you can look through so that you can learn how they had been made. Occasionally, for added motivation, there are also contests that run on the website so that you can pit yourself against other coders with the aim of taking the highest place on a leaderboard. Prizes can be won as well.

5. Observe Screencasts

Observe Screencasts
There are other people who have extensive experience in coding, and there is plenty that you can pick up from them. You can do this by watching a screencast, which is as step by step process of what they went through, with the code on your own screen. This can help inspire your next move, as well as help you better understand the skills that you have acquired.

6. Puzzles and Quizzes

Puzzles and Quizzes
There is an extensive range of coding puzzles and quizzes available online, and they cover HTML, CSS and other coding languages. These are often found on paid sites, and in addition to testing your skills through these, you can also interact with mentors who have more experience. They are able to help with development. Through these, one can narrow down their skills and build up their talent.

7. Game your Way Through

Game - Programming Skills
When you choose to have fun while you are testing your programming skills, you will find that you can often pick up much more than when you are simply going through content and theory. That is when gaming comes in. When you game, you take on the coding platform in such a way that fun is what you are hoping to achieve. This makes challenges more interesting, and stimulates the brain to figure out other ways that one can win.

8. Find a Testing Website

Test Website - Programming Skills
When you are evaluating our programming skills, perhaps the easiest thing that you can do is actually visit a testing website. A testing website will have a series of tests that you can try out, both for HTML and CSS. The tests that feature this kind of website will ensure that you are able to try out different questions, as well as undergo a skills assessment. This assessment is carried out both before and after you have taken the test. This will help you understand whether or not your programming skills have developed.

9. Discipline Yourself

Discipline Yourself - Programming Skills
Part of the process of testing your programming skills is to ensure that you figure out the best way to be productive. Therefore, you can choose to engage in activities that will give you this information. Clean Coders is a website that does just that, through educational videos that have been created by professionals. Furthermore, these videos are very interesting, so you can be sure that your attention will be captured throughout the entire time that you are watching them.

10. Go Around the World

Go Around the World - Programming Skill
As you work towards testing your programming skills, find out what you can from programmers all around the world. One amazing network that will connect you to freelance developers in more than 100 countries is Toptal. These are people who are highly talented, and are willing to test your skills as well as share how you can improve on them.

When you want to test your programming skills, the ones that are listed here are a great way for you to get started, and before long, you will realize that you can easily build up your skills. From beginner, you can become an expert by choosing to use one or all of the ways mentioned here.