Web design follows a set of norms and restrictions that have been established within the industry throughout time. In short, a web designer shouldn’t go too far when it comes to new features or visuals for a website that they work on.

However, at the same time, they must have enough creativity to build something new, innovative, yet still within the norms mentioned above. 

As such, in this article, we’ll present you with 11 ways through which you can become a more creative web designer.

Keep Up with the Trends

It goes without saying that, even if you know everything there is to know about web design, you should still do your best to keep up with any new trends. Read online magazines, articles, or simply follow professional web designers on Instagram/Twitter for a change!

If you do this, you’ll constantly know what’s loved and hated when it comes to web design!

Never Stop Learning/Studying

We mentioned that you might know everything there is to know about web design – well, that can’t be entirely true. Since this particular career is crowned by creativity, you basically have no limits in terms of what you can create.

As a result, you can constantly learn new things, as well as new ways to create!

Re-Design Your Workspace

In many cases, your office or workspace overall is what prevents you from being more creative and potentially more successful as a web designer. Here’s one simple thing you should try – redesign your workspace and get rid of clutter.

If there’s one thing that inhibits creativity, it’s clutter or mess!

Constantly Update Your Portfolio

First of all, keep in mind that when you update your portfolio, you don’t do it only for your potential employer but for yourself as well.

Struggling to come up with new pieces for a clean and full portfolio is usually more than enough motivation to boost your creativity.

Read Books

Web design implies more than just one science or art, so to speak. In fact, it encompasses so many things that certain information can’t be found online. 

Therefore, you may find exactly what you need in terms of creativity if you read vintage design books and other such mediums. The best part is that they don’t have to be about design – you can read inspirational fiction, educational guides, and many other genres of books!

Follow Designer Blogs

Just as we mentioned earlier, following design professionals is a great way to borrow ideas and get exposed to things that can heighten your creativity.

The same can happen if you read blogs and articles written by web design professionals. Watching videos and following Instagram accounts often doesn’t come with all the information you might need – but a well-written blog sure does!

Join Web Design Communities

The world of online forums and forum-like community platforms is not dead! Believe it or not, online platforms/communities still exist and, naturally, a lot of them are dedicated to web design.

It goes without saying that one can be exposed to a massive amount of creativity that can be beneficial for if they join such a community.

Always be Ready to Snap

If you see something that you could apply to your web design projects, don’t hesitate – pick up your phone and snap a photo. It may be graffiti on a wall or some visuals that spark some sort of idea within you.

Whenever you see something that makes you think of web design or a web design project, immortalize the moment!

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

As you might know, artists create better if they manage to leave their comfort zone. In short, if you want to be able to create new things, you should take some steps towards leaving your comfort zone behind you and saying hello to vulnerable creativity.

A harmless and easy way to do this is to rely on Joy Organics products that can relax your body and mind and obviously, boost creativity. You don’t need to engage in dangerous or eccentric activities for this!

Experiment More

When working on a particular project, don’t be afraid to experiment more – or even create different variants of your own style. Even though the final product must follow certain rules and restrictions, nothing prevents you from playing around with the project’s initial idea.

A burst of creative energy within a certain project could give you good ideas for your other projects!

Don’t Limit Yourself to Web Design

As we mentioned above, web design involves a lot of other fields of work, so to speak. Therefore, one of the reasons you lack creativity might be the fact that you don’t have enough knowledge about all of the other things that come with web design or could be paired with it.

For example, simple design fields (such as logo design) can help you determine the color palette of a website. On top of that, basic copywriting knowledge will help you to achieve better web design results overall as you take everything that’s on a page into account!

The Bottom Line

For most people, creativity is not easy to achieve. Some have unhealthy ways of finding their muse – such as experiencing and feeding certain moods – while others can sit for hours on end in front of their PC wasting time and doing nothing because they aren’t inspired.

Luckily, there are a lot of strategies that can help you to get more creative overall – if you follow the ones above, you’ll surely be introduced to the rest of them as well!

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