Designers love what they do when they are working on their web designs, but they also get interrupted from client and other demands. These interrupt their processes and can cause some annoyance. When web designers are looking for some excitement at their jobs, and a good laugh on a dull day, here are some jokes that are sure to keep them tickled.

1. A Photoshop joke

A Photoshop joke
This is top in the list. Sometimes working too hard takes away the ability of someone to enjoying real life but you can always recharge from time to time and there is no better way to do this than with a good laugh. This joke offers a play on words and design that a web designer can easily understand.

2. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word
People without knowledge on real design tend to use Microsoft Word to do all their design work, and believe that web designers should be able to do the same too. Face palm!!

3. Click renegotiate joke

Renegotiate Joke
Don’t do serious stuff all the time when you can take a break to enjoy a joke or two. Try this on one of your colleagues and see what happens (make sure it is not your boss though).

4. Things you will never learn from school

learn from School
Are you willing to try something crazy that will give you a good laugh and leave you more relaxed? This will definitely free your mind and ease you up in between the tasks.

5. A certified web designer

A certified web designer
Did you ever think that things will get easier with designing? You need to do more to be a certified web designer! Sometimes this is the joke that you need to let your clients know, before they drive you nuts with their unrealistic expectations.

6. A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life
This will definitely crack you up. It’s the best type of joke to get you off your daily routine in just a few minutes to reenergize you for more work.

7. The Power of Photoshop

The Power of Photoshop
Thank goodness for Photoshop which makes it possible to patch up absolutely anything and make it look good.

8. Whose idea is it anyway?

Whose idea is it anyway
Sometimes you have a client who has no clue about what looks good and what does not. This is a joke that every good designer will love!

9. Ultimate Barter

Ultimate Barter
Designers are often taken for granted, with people believing that they are ready and willing to barter their work. You should get the joke if you are a designer.

10. Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V

Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V
See what happens when you copy and paste whole functions? This should brighten you up and remind you something important.

11. Wireframing the easy way

Wireframing the easy way
This is a funny joke about wire-framing. Makes a great joke of a new technique.

12. Just Starting Out

Just Starting Out
See how things are for nonprogrammers? You definitely do not want to be in this position. Every designer will love this and totally relate to it.

13. Technique Applications

Technique Applications
This is a funny illustration of how different things were and how far the technological advancements have brought us. See what you could be doing if you were living in those times today and enjoy the joke.

14. This is how people see designs

People see designs
Different people view designs differently. Go through it and enjoy the laugh. This is a very funny joke for web designers and they are sure to understand it from experience.

15. When you Need to Work

When you Need to Work
Web designing seems like a serious and possibly boring job but there is always something to keep you going and enjoying every bit of it, like this joke. Please don’t laugh alone.

16. Reason for Being

Reason for Being
This is all about web designing and what the job entails. It is a reality that is much better presented as a joke.

17. The sex and design joke

The sex and design joke
This is not only funny but also something that will remind you how you can always design better. It also helps that it is a little naughty.

18. The Perfect Client

The Perfect Client
This is a funny web design joke that should keep you thinking for a few minutes which is enough to get your mind off work. You do not have to work throughout to get it right but you can do it better in a better mood.

19. When you want to get it right

When you love your job you go in deep without thinking of what other people may believe. This is something that you are bound to have done on occasion.

20. When you Have a Cheap Client

Have a Cheap Client
This is a funny joke that will in the end pass the right message across. If you are a web designer, you should be able to get it and have a good laugh at some unfortunate clients.

21. What a Bad Day Looks Like

Bad Day Looks Like
You can relate right? These will definitely make your day hard but there is no better way to go around it than to make fun of them.

22. We love your style

We love your style
There is always something more to do, even if you are the best designer. This should brighten up your mood.

23. Say what!?!

Say what
Only a real web designer will understand this, and you will definitely love it! It is the best way to unwind in between tasks.

24. When you are your worst enemy

Your worst enemy
This will certainly make your day. Are problems really your thing?

25. Starting another side project

another side project
See what happens with side projects? This joke will make you laugh and remind you of things that only web designers do.

Jokes are meant to relax your mind and to get you off thing for a little while. Web designing is not easy especially if you are stuck with your computer the entire day, with so many tasks to handle. However, there is no better way to get past every day than to enjoy a few jokes in between your tasks. There are tons of web design jokes all over the internet today and these are just some of the funniest ones. You will have a better day if you try some of these every day.