“It is not the strongest of the species that survives nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change!” – Charles Darwin

Darwin’s remarkable saying makes a whole lot of sense in the present situation the world is in. Covid-19 kept everyone indoors, which led to mass lay-offs, furloughs, jobs going outdated, and people upskilling or learning new skills entirely to keep the mind and resume sharp. 

From learning to barb your own head to getting a master’s degree in cybersecurity, people took learning to a whole new level – and thanks in part to the means as well. 

Change is coming to the world of work. We’ve read all about it, and we can feel it. One particular area that this will hold true is the tech scene. The pandemic will lead to transformations and tech advancements in the IT world. Lots of job profiles will disappear or get outdated, while some will rule the tech world Post-Covid. And consequently, everyone (from fresh graduates to professionals) needs to adapt to the change coming by preparing themselves with tech skills that will ensure an enduring career no matter what. So here are 4 of those essential skills to look to:

Artificial Intelligence

AI has in recent years been one of the most demanding tech skills and seeing how rapid its adoption and evolution is, it’s safe to say that AI professionals will not be sidelined now and in the future. Furthermore, the pandemic compelled businesses to note trending aspects of technology such as chatbots, automation, and so much more to survive the tech world and new reality. No matter the industry, whether it’s agriculture, healthcare, finance, etc. AI is needed, and job roles under the domain (e.g., AI researcher, Machine Learning engineer, AI engineer, etc.) will always be in high demand. 

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Data Science

We all learned a lot from the Covid-19 pandemic, but perhaps one of the most important lessons is how important data is. Through the pandemic, the Government prepared for potential scenarios and made decisions and forecasts based on data availability. As we prepare for the post-pandemic era, there is a real and urgent need – in both public and private sectors, for data science tools and capabilities to crunch data quickly and continue to inform our trajectory. Organizations need professionals who can beef up their data strategies to build forecasts and simulations to prepare for future disruptive events, like a pandemic. If you love data, now is the time for you to get the skills (or upskill) to build a resilient future in the tech world.


Cyber-attacks have more frequently made global headlines recently, no thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. Consequently, organizations have responded with a heightened push to prevent these attacks and find and develop security infrastructure to deal with them. This means the skills needed for effective cybersecurity defense have taken a front-row seat as organizations have increased investments in IT and data security capabilities. There has never been a better time than now to be a cybersecurity professional. 

Many organizations will be reliant on cloud-based and offsite techs to run their operations and teams, which leaves them wide open to breaches and attacks. There’ll be a growing demand for different cybersecurity skills to make more secure data handling connections available to remote employees, preventing information fraud.

Cybersecurity roles now fall into one of two categories: the tech role that focuses on prevention, detection, and reaction to cyber-attacks (cloud security, security engineer roles, etc.) and more business/management-focused roles concerned with risk mitigations instead of business projects and objectives (such as business and security analysts). Acquiring skills and education in cybersecurity is a smart career move, as there is an increasing demand for cybersecurity professionals in almost every sector – Government or private. 

Cloud Computing

In the past year, cloud computing has witnessed unprecedented growth, making it a definite in-demand tech skill for the future. Amidst the increasing realization of the need for digital transformation, cloud computing is instrumental. Organizations are looking to build agility, flexibility, and resilience as they move from traditional monolithic infrastructure and reinvent their business models.

There are numerous education and certifications on top cloud platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure – spread across many different levels. A host of new programs are also available to professionals looking for new career paths or to upskill. From cloud deployment/migration to database/programming to cloud security, the future of cloud professionals is driven by both IT and non-IT companies. So now is a great time to get in. 

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Bottom Line

So there you go! These are some of the most in-demand technical skills to create an enduring career and deal with the changing scenarios of careers in the post-Covid tech world. There are lots of online and offline resources to help you enhance and learn these skills. We will experience and adapt to changes in our lifestyles moving forward, and getting skilled or upskilling in any one of these tech career paths will at least guarantee your career is future-proof and on a growth track.