How many mobile apps have you used or seen? Have you noticed the sheer number of mobile apps that are being developed today? There is always a new mobile app in the market. The mobile app is growing like a movement and its hitting the waves in an increasing measure. There are billions of mobile apps that are being downloaded by users worldwide. As you read this article, there are several others that are being developed. There are great and impressive apps that have been developed – apps for food, banks, and entertainments, among others.

What this implies is that there is a great potential and opportunities in the mobile app development industry. However, not all these mobile apps hit the market with a bang. Some get rejected almost immediately, some get to the app store but are not always noticed while others enjoy dominance and great success. The question probably is what separates the winners and the losers? What traits does the champions have to “rule” the market and gain much popularity? What is in their DNA?


Powerful and brilliant apps don’t come from average developers. There are always some traits that successful developers have and these enable them to not only put the ideas together but also carry it through in the process of app development until the app is launched. The following are 4 things that should be part of a mobile app developer’s DNA:

1. Obsession for Quality

A successful developer goes beyond the passion for app development to the obsession for quality of the app developed. It is not about developing many apps for the sake of it but having a holistic view related to the quality of the app. This includes the app’s design, overall experience such as the devices it will work on, various screen sizes, operating systems used, and types of connections, among others. A developer should possess the ability to view quality as a critical aspect of app development so as to write codes that will drive the app to great success.

You may be so passionate that you want to create hundreds of apps every year and churn them to the market, but when the quality is compromised, all the effort made on the app is in vain. Apps should be highly effective and efficient in their performance. A successful developer doesn’t allow mediocrity and settling for the average, his/her intention is to develop a product that meets the needs of the users efficiently.

2. Creativity

What is new and unique about the app? How different is it compared to the ones already in the market? A successful app developer has a brain that oozes creativity. Creativity cannot be underestimated in app development. It is not just about putting things together and splashing them to the market. There must be a differentiating factor between your app and the many apps in the market. The success of a developer is determined, to some extent, by the level of creativity used in creating the app. Do something more than just an app. Think big and outside the box! Looking at things from a different perspective and developing magical apps that will leave everyone looking for is a key aspect in app development.

Creativity as a resource enables the developer to beat the odds in app development since he/she can bring in more ideas, manipulate systems and develop a product that exceeds the expectations of the users. Technology is all about creativity and how to make good use of it. A successful mobile app developer must have this trait.

3. Ego-driven

Do not be surprised that ego can be a tool in app development. An ego-driven developer is being viewed as a stereotype in the tech world, while ego is a resource to the developers. Successful developers are driven by their own egos. They are usually proud of their products. How does this happen and why is it good for app development? Well, developers driven by ego have an attachment to their products and they work hard to care about the result and brag about the ratings. This attachment is good since if they were not bothered about their apps, users will definitely not be interested in the same apps.

4. Market research oriented

A really good app should be able to meet the needs of the users and give them the best user experience. To understand this, a successful developer does thorough market research to understand the product they are trying to create. The developer is able to know what the competitors are doing, their strengths and weaknesses, their unique selling points, the existing gaps and many other insights.

With this knowledge, the developer understands the market trends and hence creatively provides a positive experience to the users by developing the required apps. It is not worthwhile developing apps for the sake of it without a keen look at what is trending in the market.

In conclusion, the development of mobile apps is responsive and never moves in a single straight line. Successful developers are flexible and are able to fix problems as they arise and at the same time maintain a high level of creativity in improving the apps. There can be other qualities that a developer needs so as to be successful, but the above traits are critical. For you to be successful you need to evaluate yourself and find out whether you possess these traits. If not, then you need to work smart in inculcating them in you so that your work can be superb. Let users enjoy using your apps and earn from it.

As a developer, you feel so excited when you find that your app is doing well in the market and you are receiving positive and encouraging feedback about it. So you need to invest in developing a high quality, creative and user friendly app with a high performance. Do not settle for low quality. Strive for the best.